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Mirror Cabinets

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Mirror Cabinets

Primarily designed for bathroom use, mirror cabinets are one of our favourite household purchases when it comes to solving two major requirements with one simple buy. After all, every bathroom needs a decent mirror, and every bathroom also needs at least a little concealed storage space for various medicines, lotions, and other personal hygiene items.

The beauty of mirror cabinets, particularly in the modern market, is the range of different needs which are serviced; ranging from super simply mirrors to more elaborate designs which allow you to fully control the appearance and finish of the bathroom – exactly as you would hope to control the style of any other room in your home. Gone are the days where the bathroom was a merely functional space in the home – now, it is just as important in a design respect as any other room.

Types of mirror cabinet and where to put them

This is where aesthetics come into play, with buyers being given the choice between a completely mirrored surface on the cabinet, or something a little more delicate with a white or natural wood framed edge and a simply mirror mounted on the surface.

For the modern bathroom, we recommend sticking with the complete mirrored surface as this provides the functionality without extra fuss and décor – in line with the neutral minimalism of a modern space. These fully covered mirror cabinets are also a good choice for those with small bathrooms, as the larger the mirror, the more light it reflects into the room and the bigger it makes the room appear.

Framed cabinets with smaller mirrors can be really stylish when carefully chosen – particularly if the cabinet’s base material matches other items in the bathroom. This is where buyers can play around with the mirror shape to create different textures and finishes in the room – from elongated ovals to circle mirrors which look like bubbles, square mirrors and even whimsical and unique shapes.

Caring for your mirror cabinet

One question we regularly get asked by our members is how to clean their mirror cabinet to keep it streak free – after all, we one of the focal points in the bathroom, you want your mirror to be looking its best at all times.

One of the best ways to clean your bathroom mirrors effectively and quickly is with a mix of water and vinegar, with the vinegar breaking through the grime and moisture. This will not only clean the mirror but will also help to stop it from fogging up in future – protecting it in the long run.

Another thing you should be aware of is the location of your mirror cabinet – making sure it is not somewhere where someone could knock their head regularly. Mounting mirror cabinets over the sink, for example, is an extremely popular solution for many homeowners as it gives them a mirror to use when they brush their teeth and wash their face, with the added benefit of being able to store other items right over the sink. However, care should be taken to ensure that someone bent over brushing their teeth will not hit their head as soon as they rise to a standing position again. This is most heavily impacted by the depth of the cabinet – so be sure to know your dimensions before purchasing.

For the best selection of mirror cabinets and their wall-mounting methods, head to bathroom design stores and department stores, as well as homeware retailers.

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