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Nursing Chairs

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Nursing Chairs

Furnishing your baby’s room nearly always results in more purchases than you could ever actually need, from decoration to additional soft furnishings, toys, and innovative tools you think you can’t possible live without. However not everything in the nursery of baby’s room is designed with them in mind, and when it comes to finding and buying your nursing chair, the focus should be entirely on yourself and what you prioritise in terms of comfort, function and design.

The nursing chair is, in short, the place where you will likely spend most of your time in the early days and weeks with your baby at home, becoming the go-to location for feeding, resting and cradling your baby. Many members and buyers are of the view that nursing chairs with high backrests and tall arms are the most comfortable, however there are certain eventualities and scenarios you need to consider in order to end up with something which will provide optimum comfort for both you and your baby at all times.

Understanding the importance of nursing positions

Heavy wingback chairs and high arm rests may seem like a super comfortable solution to rest your head and arms back, but have you considered how your baby is going to lie and what you will do with both theirs and your limbs while they feed?

Chairs with too much structure which cup around your shape are not always the best option for various feeding positions as they can inhibit where you are able to put your arms and the baby’s head. Not only that but they can also become too small very quickly, and will soon be too small to hold both you and your toddler as they demand story time every evening.

The value of a good material on your nursing chair

This is where you need to think about functionality as well as style and comfort. While leather and other more plasticky materials are easy to clean and wipe dry in the case of spillages, they can also be a little less stable particularly if you are wearing clothing which slides across with no real grip. Finding a nursing chair which is stable and reliable enough to hold you and your baby safely is of paramount importance and should not be jeopardised for style.

Having said that, it is important that you are happy with the appearance of your chair as well as its comfort, as it’s something you will have to look at and sit in multiple times a day. We suggest opting for something inoffensive in colour and style; tending to dress it up with vibrant cushions and throws.

Other things to consider when you buy a nursing chair

Other questions to ask yourself as you head in furniture and babywear retailers, looking for the perfect nursing chair, include:

  • How high do I need the back to be, and do I need arm rests?

  • How long will I need this chair as a nursing chair, and do I want to use it as an occasional or lounge chair once its initial purpose has passed?

  • Is the frame solid enough to hold me and my baby?

  • Is the padding comfortable enough that I can sit in it for hours on end?

  • How large is the space in which I want to put the nursing chair?

  • What kind of lighting and surrounding décor do I want the chair to have, to induce a relaxing and comfortable vibe for both me and the baby?

  • What is my budget?

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