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Office Baskets & Boxes

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Office Baskets & Boxes

Whether it’s a confusing office in-tray and out-tray system, an over-stuffed filing cabinet, or simply a stack of papers resting against the wall or on the edge of a chair, we all have our own ways of managing paperwork and files in our home office and work place. With more and more individuals choosing to work from home as job roles become more remote and video conferencing becomes a regular part of our working lives, finding new and decorative ways of organising work in a way which matches the aesthetic of the home is important – with an all-new reliance on office baskets and boxes designed to both organise and look good in the home office space. With standalone boxes, stacked baskets and collections of boxes and baskets in different sizes but boasting complimentary designs, the market is full of options for every kind of buyer – leaving the choice around the overall finished look completely up to you.

Top uses of office baskets

When it comes to office baskets, we tend to find that the most popular come in the format of a stack of trays, or woven baskets which slot into a shelving unit and create a really aesthetically pleasing and relaxing space. The fact is, the way that baskets are crafted instantly softens a room, whether it be a woven chair or stacked baskets atop a dresser or set of shelves. By bringing the soft edges of storage baskets into your workspace, particularly a home office space, you are immediately adding warmth and a more rounded finish which is both rustic and modern in its appearance. For extra ease and organisation, consider baskets with small labels on the top of each one so that you can organise and arrange your shelf alphabetically or by work load, and if you need to keep some closer than others then combine your stacked baskets with a few basket trays which can sit atop your desk surface.

Top uses of office boxes

Office boxes tend to be much more formal and static in their appearance, ranging from plastic crates to cardboard boxes and everything in between. While transparent plastic boxes are particularly popular with those who want to be able to see the contents of each box, for more of a balanced aesthetic look we recommend considering hardwood boxes which soften the appearance of your office, or else looking at hardwood crates which have no lid – making it easy to look down into them without ruining the appearance and warmth of the room. When it comes to selecting the right office baskets and boxes for your space, our main recommendation is to take into account the space you have available and the way the natural light falls into your room. Solid and dark boxes tend to draw in and capture light very easily, while baskets are a little more light and airy – creating more of a relaxing and enjoyable vibe for your workspace. Likewise, transparent boxes can be a good solution for those who want to keep their room as light as possible, though it is worth considering that plastic cases tend to look a lot cheaper in their finish compared with woven baskets. Creating the perfect office space, whether it be in your home or at work, is a matter of finding the right furniture and accessories to compliment both the room and the style of work that you do. Organisation doesn’t have to be functional and ugly, with so many office retailers and homeware stylists now offering a wide variety of options suitable for every space.

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