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Office Storage & Organisation

When faced with a full week of office work, what kind of desk and atmosphere do you like to keep? Perhaps you are someone who needs to see everything in front of them, or maybe you choose to maintain a clear desk and a relaxed mind – unphased by paperwork and letters. Do you work with paper printouts, or prefer to work with a busy desktop and a clear desk space? These are all questions we suggest you tackle before turning to office storage and organisation solutions available on the market – not just to establish what it is you need, but also to decide if you are a minimalist office designer or more of a “everything on show” designer.

Options for the worker who likes a clear desk and a minimal room

One of the easiest ways to ensure a clean desk at all times is to purchase a desk fitted with drawers and enough surface space to hold a paperwork filing tray. Placing imminent and urgent work in the tray frees up your drawer space for any excess papers that aren’t required in the immediate future, with additional filing cabinets creating even more storage space for old files which should be kept but aren’t necessarily needed to do the job. Another great option for clean desk workers is a raised platform for your screen, to ensure the screen sits at eye level and that your body is fully supported for optimum working conditions. For those working with a smaller space and want to keep their keyboard hidden, storage desks with rolling keyboard trays provide an innovative way of organising your every day tools.

Options for the worker who likes to be able to see everything they need to do

If you like to be able to see everything in front of you, the best way to do this and still retain an organised work space is to use the walls around you – from post it notes to cork boards, pin up boards for documents, and a white board for your all-important to-do list. We know that our members love a checklist and the opportunity to tick off activities once they are complete, as it instils a sense of satisfaction and productivity. As such, we love finding new ways of creating different lists – with the best options available in stationary retailers who specialise in space-saving office solutions. Another great organisation and storage solution for those who like to see their work is wall-mounted shelves which sit at eye-level in front of or beside the desk.

Extra office storage and organisation options for an inspiring space

Other options for office storage include:

  • A set of drawers relegated to personal items, to keep work and your personal life separate

  • Plants which can hang from shelves, creating a homely and welcoming feel which utilises existing surfaces above eye level rather than taking up desk space

  • A corner sofa, to provide a seating area for visitors which looks clean and compact, and fits perfectly into a small corner space

All of these options and more are available to find across office retailers and stationary stores, as well as furniture stores. If you are looking for a clean office look then limiting your search to those retailers which specialise in office furniture will keep your search relevant, however if you are looking to create more of a homely vibe then consider extending your search to include homeware stores and woodwork furniture makers.

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