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Office Organisers

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Office Organisers

How do you choose to keep your workspace neat and tidy, so that you can always find everything you need with office tools to hand and papers all in order?

Keeping a workspace tidy plays a massive part in supporting a productive working life, however finding the best way to organise your things is not always easy – especially with so many different products on the market which all deal with different areas of the office.

Desk Tool Organisers

To start off easy, organising your desk top tools is a case of going through and working out which items you use regularly, and which ones you don’t need quite as much. These kinds of things include pens, highlighters, staplers, pencils and rulers – with stationary retailers providing the best cross sections of desk tidies which sit atop the surface and keep all of these things in order.

One of our favourite ways of keeping all these things in the right place is not with a cluttered drawer or even a pen pot, but instead with a stacked tool tidy which sits at the back of the desk with its own drawers and shelves for holding different things. Not only does this keep everything in order but it also brings aesthetic value to the desk by itself, adding a new level to the desk and allowing you to add a little life and personality depending on the style of shelving you choose.

File and Paperwork Organisers

For filing and paperwork which sits on top of the desk, the obvious office organiser solution comes in the form of a paper tray – often stacked with a few levels of A4 shaped trays, allowing you to separate papers and files into those things which need actioning immediately, things which are done, and things which can wait.

One question our members ask is how to utilise this kind of tool when you are using larger documents, for example thick wads of paper or even A3 papers which don’t fit in the A4 tray. If you don’t have space on the surface to separate the trays out and lie them next to each other in a row, another alternative is to install some shelving above or beside your desk directly on the wall, which can hold your items without such limitations on space. This is a particularly good way to optimise the way in which you use your office space and can actually help create a little more balance and visual stimulation in the room – all the while clearing your desk of clutter.

Standing Organisers

In terms of office organisers, standing organisers and cabinets are really the best way of keeping multiple piles of work safe and neatly organised, without taking up all of your desk space. Standing organisers also allow you to expand your work station away from the desk itself, promoting a further use of the office space which creates balance in the room – in a similar way to adding some wall shelves does. This is particularly good for increasing the aesthetic value of your office space – showing you that office furniture and organisers don’t always have to be boring and functional.
Some of the best examples of standing organisers include bookshelves for working files, filing cabinets for individual sheets of paper and important documents, and even standing side tables which give you quick access to things like business cards and your telephone.

For the best in office organisers, head to stationary stores, office retailers and furniture stores.

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