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Office Sets

One of the most common things we get asked by members and homeowners, particularly when kitting out an entire room, is how to achieve a harmonious and stylish finish in a room without breaking the bank. What this requires is a combination of complimentary furniture pieces and appropriate design choices, drawing on the primary use of the room and working backwards from there to determine exactly what you need the furniture and design to achieve.

When it comes to furnishing and decorating an office, the primary goal is to be productive and work – meaning that what you should be prioritising is furniture which works together seamlessly; blending together to provide the space you need which won’t cause distraction or engage your focus. Most of all, everything needs to be functional and easy to use – from the layout of the furniture, to the hinges on the drawers and cupboard doors.

An office set is your one-stop shop to a complimentary furniture set which serves its purpose and gives you access to everything you need in one easy purchase.

What is in an office set?

Your office set is likely to include a desk, some kind of bookcase or shelving unit, and a low level filing cabinet or set of drawers. In essence, office sets keep it basic with a working space, somewhere to store files and folders, and somewhere to lock away important documents and papers – often all utilising the same materials and the same styles of design even with the varying sizes and different intentions behind construction.

One of our favourite things about modern office sets is the way that retailers have encompassed similarities while keeping the items largely independent from each other – recognising that homeowners are now interested in buying sets which can provide multiple uses in the family home and are thus not limited to the office only. This means more aesthetically pleasing materials, neutral colours and a little more consideration for a high quality and attractive design.

What do you need to consider when buying an office set?

The first thing to consider is where you will place each item in the office set, and how the ideal layout will impact your ability to use the space productively and effectively. Thought needs to be given to the comfort of where the desk and chair will sit, particularly with regards to being able to easily reach the shelving and set of drawers in order to get other items as required. You also need to consider how the natural light in the room falls throughout the day, and how this could impact or affect where you choose to put the desk.

Another thing linked to layout and placement is the opening and closing of each of the drawers and any cabinets, as all of this needs to be done seamlessly without the drawers or doors hitting other items of furniture – a particular challenge for those with a small home office or working space.

That’s not to say that those with large offices don’t also have to give thought to placement, largely because if you space an office set too far apart, you almost instantly lose the value of the complimentary designs – as they are simply spaced too far apart for the overall design aesthetic to be overtly apparent and obvious. Make sure you use layout to create a hub of work, utilising the complimentary designs in line with the space you have available.

For the best office sets, head to office retailers and research in office and home office magazines for inspiration.

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