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Outdoor Thermometers & Weather Instruments

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Outdoor Thermometers & Weather Instruments

With our increasing reliance on mobile phones to find out everything we need to know, from the news to the weather and everything in between, we often find that an ever-growing pile of home instruments and gadgets are made redundant in light of a more technology based solution. As these items become less crucial in our everyday lives, sometimes they are discontinued completely, while sometimes they are simply given a revamp in order to become important in a different way – for example as a decorative item which is still functional.

If you browse the outdoor thermometers in most modern retail collections, you will find that half of their charm is in the shape of the product or its overall appearance. The fact is, the thermometer itself always remains the same – it’s the backdrop that it is mounted upon which can be changed to suit the home and it style. Some of the most popular designs include creatures and animal shapes, rustic wooden planks with engravings carved at each major checkpoint on the thermometer, and old style metal structures which look almost antique in their finish.

The functional purpose of outdoor weather instruments

Contrary to popular belief, weather instruments do not stop at telling you the temperature outside – though this alone is a very useful tool when it comes to ascertaining the exact temperature for the purpose of outdoor work. Popular with farmers and workers who spend most of their days outside, other outdoor weather instruments can provide you with information about the strength and direction of the wind, incoming storms, the tidal times and changes, and even the potential for rain in the coming hours.

The functionality of these tools cannot be disputed, with many homeowners choosing to mount such charts and dials onto outdoor walls where they are sheltered from damage but not so sheltered that they are unable to pick up an accurate reading. After all, there is no point picking up the reading from a shaded corner of the barn, when in actual fact you need to know the condition out on the flat fields of your farmland.

Another piece of outdoor gadgetry that is particularly useful for those living near coastlines and waterways is a tidal dial, which allows you to track the movement of the tide and distinguish the best time for water activities.

While all of these gadgets can be purchased as individual items, we tend to find that weather stations which provide readings across all of the different areas are particularly useful – both with dials and digital displays depending on the aesthetic styling required by the user.

Making outdoor weather stations look good

The positioning of your weather station, and whether or not you go for a traditional dial or a more modern and innovative digital display, can play a large part in the overall aesthetics and appearance of your outdoor weather instruments. We tend to find that those mounted on the wall at eye level are the most effective and useful, and also draw attention at the right position for optimum use.

To achieve a polished and interesting finish, consider the best material for your outside space – whether it be wood or metal – and spend time pinpointing the right place for your weather instrument where it will pick up accurate readings as well as look good.

For the best range across a variety of different price points, head to weather specialists, sailing stores and garden centres, as well as department stores.

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