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Printer & Storage Trolleys

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Printer & Storage Trolleys

Gone are the days where office spaces were bland and dull, with everything crafted from reinforced plastic with little regard for aesthetics and appearance. In the modern business world, whether you work practically or in an office, work spaces are now designed as much for aesthetic value and impression as they are for functional use, with more and more retailers fashioning and creating their own ranges for items which are as practical as they are decorative.

Printer and storage trolleys have always been something that is used but not enjoyed or admired, often with office printers sitting atop a desk space or on their own at the side of a room – merely there for practicality rather than anything else. Now, however, with more of a focus on how the space looks as a whole, and with a reinforced intent on creating harmonious spaces, we are seeing a renewed focus on printer and storage trolleys which are designed to look great while also being effective at their primary purpose.

What is a printer / storage trolley?

In essence, these are the structures and devices which make home working and flexible working that much easier, allowing you to move your workspace around at will and giving you somewhere sturdy and safe to place your printer.

Specific printer trolleys tend to be designed with a solid surface for the printer to sit upon, with holes drilled into the back of the surface to allow for wires to be passed down towards the socket – while still allowing you to sit your trolley flush against a wall for optimum use of surrounding space. Moving further down the generic structure, printer trolleys often then feature a tray or shelf lower down where users can stack spare paper, paperclips and other useful office stationary items associated with printer and paperwork. In terms of material and craftsmanship, the best printer trolleys currently available on the market combine the useful and functional structure with aesthetic value, often using solid wood and metal framing to create a modern and slightly industrial styled finish.

Moving on to office-specific storage trolleys, these are the often movable structures where users can stack paperwork and to-do lists, files and pieces of stationary designed to support their daily working life. While many users select large storage trolleys to sit in a home office and provide a permanent fixture which stores all of their office work, others opt for smaller trolleys which are more portable and can be used as a desk space anywhere in the home – whether it be in the office, the living room or the kitchen. We often find that the most popular storage trolleys are those with plenty of drawers and shelves, allowing for maximum storage space contained with a compact item.

Things to consider when looking for printer and storage trolleys

When it comes to furnishing and dressing a home office or at-home working space, the main priority has to be on user experience, practicality and of course aesthetic value and appearance. One of the main considerations, aside from the size of the structure itself, should be the ease of use – for example, can all the drawers and shelves be opened and accessed easily without knocking into other items of furniture or surfaces? Are the shelves at the right height for the user? Can the printer be switched on and off at the wall safely and easily in its location?

For more tips and advice on buying the best trolley, and to see the best trolleys currently on the market, head to office retail stores and homeware furniture stores.

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