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Reception Seating Chairs

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Reception Seating Chairs

When it comes to receiving and welcoming guests, whether it be to a hotel or hospitality experience, to an office building, or even into your own home, having a comfortable place for them to sit while they wait to be greeted is absolutely key to providing the right first impression.

The fact is, that first seat they get to sit in is the introduction to the entire experience, and needs to be welcoming as well as providing an insight into what they can expect – from the company, from your decorative style, and from your personal design choices. As such, we often see many companies exposing their guests to branding and brand colours as soon as they enter the reception area, encouraged to sit upon large sofas which reflect the colour and values of the company in every fibre of their construction.

Meanwhile, homeowners choose their reception or hallway as a means of introducing the style of their home – similarly to hospitality companies and hotels who furnish their reception areas with a combination of stylish pieces and information about the services they provide.

The best styles of reception chair

To start with a reception area that has the benefit of a large and open space, you first need to consider whether you want to add one large reception style seat, or instead fill the space with several different options so that multiple guests can all be catered for and sit apart.

We often suggest that a sofa and complimentary chair are considered for a large space, allowing a few different guests to sit with plenty of distance, without making your reception area look like a hospital waiting room – a risk that any companies in particular find themselves facing, as they consistently look for ways to add life and furnishings to their reception spaces.

A smaller reception room, however, should ensure that the seating chosen does not dominate the space but rather compliments it – with low level sofas being our favourite solution thanks to their comfort and aesthetic value.

If you opt instead for armchairs, consider tub chairs as these immediately create a welcoming appearance and – most importantly – are supportive for guests and visitors of all heights thanks to their high back style and the rounded structural shape.

Adding life to your reception seating chairs

If you think adding a chair or two is the way to create a warm reception – think again. We see so many companies and organisations buying a couple of neutral colour chairs in the hopes that the muted colours will provide a relaxing space – only to find that the overall effect is in fact quite cold and harsh. Adding extra furnishings to your chairs is key – and the best way to do this is with clever lighting, a few entertaining accessories, and a cushion, ideally in your branding colours or else in a calming colour like green which is super neutral but also a little more vibrant than muted greys and creams.

And lastly, we come to reception seating chair sets – designed to make sure that everything you place in your reception area works in harmony with the other pieces of furniture. This is not necessarily always using the exact same style and fabric, with many retailers now expanding to include a mismatched creation of chairs which all utilise the same foundational colours but in different patterns and styles – complimenting each other without directly matching. It is these kinds of details which turn a series of reception seats from waiting room rows into welcoming guest areas.

The best reception seats can be found in specialist office fitters and furniture providers.

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