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Recessed Shower Lighting

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Recessed Shower Lighting

When it comes to lighting your bathroom space, most of our buyers tend to make their selection based on the size of the bathroom and the way they way to decorate and fill the space. While some opt for the more traditional and old school use of dropped bulb ceiling lights to fill the room with light, other more modern approached include specific lighting in different areas of the room and tailored bulbs and light sources depending on how the space will be used.

Mirror lighting is one of the most common examples, with shower lighting being another which is growing in popularity with regards to the way buyers are choosing to optimise the way the space is lit in line with what is both safe and effective.

What is a recessed shower light?

In short, a recessed light means that the complete surface of the light’s structure and its bulb sits flush with the ceiling or surface it is mounted to, essentially providing a seamless and smooth transition from ceiling material to light without bulky design features. This style of light is particularly conducive with a modern home because it is minimal in terms of its design and it keeps the appearance of the room very neutral and simplistic.

Not only that but recessed shower lighting is also super convenient in terms of cleaning, as a cloth can quite literally be simply wiped across the entire ceiling to clean both the surface and the light with no need to focus on fiddly light fittings and no cause to navigate around wires. The recessed fitting which sits flush with the ceiling also eradicates the possibility of a build up of mould or algae around the fitting, by keeping all the fiddly features and elements contained and well-sealed above the ceiling surface.

Is it safe?

For the most part, as long as you ensure that the recessed shower light fitting you select is fully waterproof and complimentary to your space, then yes, they are completely safe. Buyers should be aware of loose fitting lights which can fall away from the ceiling – but employing the help of an electrician can ensure this doesn’t happen.

You will also need to take note of the light grading and how this is affected by the height of the ceiling. In any bathroom, it is important that you realise the connection between light intensity and the size of the room, not just to optimise your visibility but also to keep the light fitting completely safe and ensure the electricity cannot be affected by the moisture which will collect in the room. For more on this, speak to experts in bathroom fitting and lighting stores.

How do they look?

In essence, you can’t really go wrong with a recessed shower light fitting – primarily because the design of the light is such that it sits flush with the ceiling and so adds almost nothing to the overall appearance of the room until the light is switched on.

In larger bathrooms we tend to recommend including more than one recessed light to optimise the aesthetic effect, with a series of slightly dimmer lights creating more atmosphere than one singular bright light. In a smaller bathroom, buyers tend to find that one light can easily serve the entire shower space – if not the entire room as well.

For the best selection of recessed shower lights and a series of useful tips in how to fit them and ensure complete safety, head to bathroom fitting retailers and lighting specialists.

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