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Sink Units & Washstands

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Sink Units & Washstands

In a world where bathrooms are becoming increasingly modern and luxurious, with every buyer looking for large walk-in showers and double sink units, alongside an atmosphere full of tropical colours and indoor plants, the range of implements and washstands on the market has grown at an unprecedented rate. From plain white structures to natural wood and bamboo units, right through to industrial metal units and even concrete creations, the variety of sink units and washstands that buyers can now choose from is so large that finding the right style for your home has never been easier.

But what are the benefits of the different styles, and which ones are most conducive to a productive and stylish bathroom space?

Selecting the right material for your sink units and washstands

This is where home style comes in play; with modern homes typically looking for plain white and neutral designs, while a more contemporary home might refer a natural wood finish which showcases the origin of the material. With an increase in the number of homes looking for dual sinks, often referred to as “his and her” sinks, we are seeing sink units and washstands expanding to allow for more space – reflecting not just in the two sinks on the surface, but in additional storage space beneath.

If you opt for a wooden sink unit, you will likely find that the exterior has been finished with a form of varnish to protect the wood from the regular presence of moisture (given its location in a bathroom) – so if it’s a really natural wood finish you are after, you may find that you’d be better off relegating the wood to other areas of the home and instead choosing something a little simpler for the bathroom. Plain white sink units are popular, as are those with neutral structures and more of a grand worktop finish – such as slate or marble. These are particularly beneficial in a bathroom as they are easy to wipe clean and they look great.

Exposed sink units and washstands

This is where, in terms of design, the finish of your sink unit or washstand could either be extremely industrial and minimal, or extremely bohemian and “jungle themed”.

The best exposed sink units we have seen tend to sit a sink into a structure which is otherwise uncovered, meaning that you benefit from some additional shelving but no closed cabinets. This also means any pipework coming out from the bottom of the sink is on show – something which most homeowners combat with the help of a plumber and a home designer. These types of sink unit are often either made from a metal frame or a bamboo or wooden structure, and can be found in premium bathroom fitting retailers and designers – or created as a tailormade design.

Contained sink units and washstands

These kinds of sink unit are far more popular on the mass market and are likely to be found with more variety in high street retailers. They sit around the sink completely to expose its underside and any piping; providing the buyer with additional cabinet space and a very clean and tidy finish. Often some of the best options for a contained sink unit are those with a standard structure and a tailormade surface – giving the buyer a little choice around what style of worktop surface they would like to suit their bathroom. This is where price can fluctuate, so we recommend getting quotes from a few bathroom designers and bathroom retailers before settling on one product.

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