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Storage Cabinets

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Storage Cabinets

The great thing about storage cabinets is the incredible versatility found among collections, based primarily on the retailer, their target audience, and the industry in which they operate. For example, while industrial and lockable storage cabinets are perfect for garages and sheds and can often be found in DIY and hardware stores, interior cabinets for bedrooms and hallways are popularly sold by retailers who specialise in decorative and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for homeowners, and larger outside storage cabinets for tools and bikes are typically found in garden centres and department stores.

What our members often struggle with is deciding which kind of storage cabinet will best fit their needs, with the wide extent of options often causing buyers to become lost in choice – losing sight of what it is they are looking for.

The best storage cabinets for children

Children tend to pull out all their toys on a regular basis, through play and simply making a mess for the sake of it. The beauty of a storage cabinet designed around your children is that you can make clear up fun and engaging, using a combination of whimsical characters, vibrant colours and fun ideas.

Some of our favourite storage cabinet ideas for children include doors adorned with all their favourite characters, and the addition of unique and individual positions painted into the cabinet’s interior so that they know where to place each toy and stuffed friend.

The best storage cabinets for stylish interiors

Creating style with a storage cabinet need not be a chore – rather, we have a few top ideas of how our members can use affordably sourced cabinets and turn them into something to suit the style of their home. Start off with a very basic white or natural wood cabinet from a homeware or DIY retailer. Before mounting or placing it in its end position, consider what you can do to dress it up to match your room – perhaps if the cabinet is for the bathroom, the addition of a few small round mirrors on the door can create a fun bubble effect, or if the cabinet is for a bedroom then consider painting pale pastel coloured stripes down the exterior doors of the cabinet to jazz it up and create a refreshed finish.

Once the decorative work is done, it’s time to accessorise, using any number of fun ideas offered by our many interior decorative retailers, including vine plants to drape down the sides of the cabinet, candles and other statuesque accessories.

The best storage cabinets for outdoor living

If your storage cabinet is for the great outdoors, not only does it need to be reliable but it also needs to be able to withstand all weather conditions – without becoming rusty in the rain or blown over in the wind. Lockable cabinets are popular with gardeners and other buyers who choose to keep tools and sporting equipment in outdoor storage cabinets, and these are available across most hardware, DIY and outdoor living stores. Alternatively, a wooden storage cabinet can also work well outside though is perhaps less secure, creating more of a design feature which can house affordable tools rather than high end electronics. Again, these can be found in more garden centre of DIY stores.

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