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Sunburst Mirrors

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Sunburst Mirrors

Evident in home decorating as far back at the 17th century, the sunburst motif has long been one associated with the dramatic and striking nature of extravagant home décor. Though the earliest models tended to be much smaller in size and a little more discreet, the much larger designs available across modern home décor retailers now create focal features which seek to not just function as a mirror but also create a very obvious artistic style. The fact is, a sunburst mirror doesn’t just use its reflective surface to create the illusion of more light and a larger feel. The shape of the sun within its constructive build also seeks to uplift the atmosphere and setting around the mirror, instantly adding life and visual interest to a room no matter what size or decorative style it is.

Sunburst mirrors across different home styles

One of the best things about a sunburst mirror is that its unique and angled design actually lends itself to a range of different home and décor styles – from the straight edges and metal finish of a modern home, to the more rustic and whimsical shapes of a rustic home. While early designs of sunburst mirrors tended to use gold framing, the more modern creations utilise all manner of materials from wood to metal , glass and even tiled ceramic; reflecting different colours and showcasing different formats to alter the appearance of the mirror. The best sunburst mirrors are those placed on relatively plain backgrounds – namely neutral coloured walls and atop plain wooden mantelpieces. This ensures that the unique mirror is able to make a statement without appearing too busy and over the top. You can further increase your sunburst focal feature with multiple mirrors are created in different sizes, though we recommend keeping the materials and styles of sun the same across a multi-mirror feature in order to create some kind of harmony.

The considerations of a sunburst mirror

It is important to note that sunburst mirrors are made with sharp edges and that the framing can often make them quite heavy – and easy to knock over. So that your sunburst mirror doesn’t overpower a room, hang it on the largest and plainest wall in the room and don’t let it sit too close to any other image or item of furniture. Remember, the mirror itself may be the small central part of the design, but the eye is drawn all the way out to the very tips of the sun beams – and so in the minds eye and in terms of aesthetics, this is where the complete design finishes. If you allow one side of sunbeams to get too close to a second object, the entire look can very quickly become unbalanced and confusing. Then there is the actual style of sunbeams you want. Traditionally these were straight edged and uniform in shape, sometimes utilising a few different lengths in order to provide the more realistic depiction of a sunbeam. Modern versions however include everything from just a handful of block rectangular beams surrounding the mirror, to complete mirrored surfaces and even different complete shapes other than circular. All of these models – both traditional and modern – can be found across homeware stylists and home accessory retail stores. We recommend, before buying, that you assess the room you are hoping to decorate and establish whether it would benefit from a modern or more standard design, before moving on to size and material.

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