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Swivel Chairs

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Swivel Chairs

Commonly relegated to a home office and used as a computer chair, the market around swivel chairs has expanded in recent years with the discovery that a chair with a moveable seat is actually both useful and can look premium when placed in the right location.

The idea of a swivel chair is that the seat can rotate without ever having the move the legs; particularly beneficial if you are seated in an area surrounded with things you need, and you have to keep reaching from side to side to look at or pick up various items. While many swivel office chairs are also designed to be moved up and down and even have adjustable back rests, most luxury living room swivel chairs simply benefit from the ability to be rotated cleanly and comfortably.

Why might you need a swivel chair in your living space?

The idea of living space swivel chairs and armchairs is that their extra feature is concealed until you sit in them. Most of the swivel chairs available in the living room furniture marketplace look like ordinary love seats or large armchairs, with the user discovering the ability to move around once sat down.

One of the primary uses of a swivel chair in a living space is to provide seating which is comfortable, and can easily be turned to face the television, angled to be more sociable when guests are around, or simply moved around according to the direction of natural light in the room. In defining what you will use your swivel chair for you will inevitably decide where it should be placed, with many homeowners opting to position their swivel chairs a little more centrally than their ordinary armchairs, thanks to the ability to move the seating direction about as necessary.

TOP TIP: Remember, if you plan on using your swivel chair in a multitude of directions, to take note of the amount of space you need from all angles. Often buyers take a swivel chair home only to find that they are positioning it into a place where only a small percentage of the full circle provides enough leg room for comfortable use.

Selecting the best design of swivel chair

You are most likely buying a swivel chair as more of a statement item of furniture than something you simply want to blend in – noting the size and grandeur across the design of some of the most popular swivel chairs across the furniture and homeware market.

However, when it comes to colour we suggest spending some time reviewing the exiting design of your room and working out if the chair would benefit from adding a pop of colour, or sticking with a more neutral design which blends into its background. If in doubt, consider buying something plain and furnishing it with patterned cushions – which are easy to remove or change, but can still draw the eye when necessary.

Some of our favourite swivel chair designs are round in shape, replicating the circular motion which the seat follows as it moves. These chairs tend to be the most comfortable, though we have also seen a rise in the number of egg-shaped chairs and even regular desk chairs which are now designed for comfort as well as style. No matter what style you go for, we suggest heading to a showroom to determine how the chair looks fully assembled and how much space it requires in order to be fully usable without looking too cramped. For the most reliable designs, head to furniture retailers and specialist chair suppliers.

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