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Tambour Units

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Tambour Units

Whether you are furnishing a kitchen, home office or workspace, we all know how difficult it can be to maximise on space when you really need adequate storage as well. One of the main questions we get asked by members and homeowners is how to optimise on the space they have available without creating extra user problems, for example how they can be utilise a storage corner without having each cupboard or cabinet door opening and hitting another cabinet which stands in the way.

The answer lies in the form of tambour units – characterised by their metal or wooden structured doors which roll upwards and instead of opening outwards, immediately allowing them to be set into corners or into smaller spaces without issue.

How do tambour units work?

If you have ever seen a large metal barn with shutters which open upwards and roll away, then a tambour unit is just the same but in a much smaller scale. Operated by a handle which can easily be lifted and pulled back down, a tambour unit door is super sturdy and really optimises the way that you can use and fill the space inside it – but ensuring that no operation is affected by the opening and closing of doors.

One thing you do need to be careful of with tambour unit doors is the potential for damage, with over-exertion quickly causing issues which can ruin the seamless motion of the door rolling up and down. Likewise, if something become stuck in the mechanism then you may face a problem – though this is easily combatted by the innovative and user friendly internal structure which most tambour units now hold.

Inside the tambour unit

When it comes to kitchen or office storage, a tambour unit is not just user friendly in its construction and door mechanism, but also in the way it really utilises and maximises the open space inside the unit – with most of the popular ranges and models available on the market featuring standard shelves, roll out adjustable and additional shelves, and even shelves with built in dividers to make organisation even easier.

The aesthetic value of tambour units

This is where tambour units become a little more complex, as despite their user friendly construction and the fact that they can be grouped together in closer confines than standard cupboards and cabinets, the overriding opinion is that they are not really designed to be aesthetic appealing or attractive to the eye. Rather, tambour units tend to be chosen for their functionality and sturdy nature rather than the look or finish.

If you are looking for a tambour unit to use in your home office space, we recommend keeping it light and neutral with a wood finish frontage or else a unit which is painted in white rather than finished with a chrome metal sheen – as the neutral colours best blend in with modern decoration. The metal frontage of a tambour unit may well work in an industrial space, but on the whole, we tend to find the white and natural wood effects most popular.

Once you’ve got the structure right, you can decorate and accessorise your unit to add to its overall effect, and make it stand out perfectly in your office space – covering the surfaces with decorative accessories and making sure that the surroundings conceal as much of the industrial and formal coated surface as possible. Just make sure you leave the door clear so that it can be rolled up and down without interruption!

For the best array of tambour units, head to office retail stores and department stores.

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