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Telephone Tables

Despite the increase in the worldwide usage of portable telephones and mobile devices, there is still a certain charm and elegance associated with displaying a handset telephone in a dedicated position in the house. Typically assigned to the hallway, telephone tables were traditionally where you would go to make a call, often placed next to a comfortable chair with enough space to hold a cup of tea or a glass of wine, in a quiet enough location that you could engage in your conversation without interruption. Of course, nowadays telephone tables are less of a practical necessity and more of a design feature, with buyers tending to select an opulent design with intricate details, to be admired as part of their home décor. One of the questions we commonly get asked by our members is this: what is that separates a telephone table from a regular table, and how much should I be spending on something I don’t necessarily need?

Comparing a telephone table with other tables

When it comes to defining a telephone table, the first thing to look at is the height of the item. Telephone tables were always designed to be practical, and as such had to be the ideal height that they could comfortably be used by those standing up to take a quick call, or those sitting for a longer conversation. As such, they tend to be of a slightly higher height that a generic side table, often with a lower shelf then long legs, holding the surface at the ideal height. That lower shelf could hold anything from a phone book to stacks of papers or other books – though today, we often see our members filling that space with a plant or candle in order to make use of the space and create a unique feature. Another defining feature of a telephone table is the addition of drawers, often used to store pens and notepads of paper among other items – typically the items that one might need when they make a call.

What kind of price point is optimum for something like this?

As with most other items of furniture, the price point will often be dictated by your choice of material and the desired design finish. Arguably the most popular telephone tables on the market right now are made with traditional wood finishes, with oak tables one of the most commonly searched material items due to its reliability, and its polished yet rustic finish. One of our top tips for members, particularly those looking for authentic telephone tables which provide some depth to their home décor design, is to search second hand. Some of the most ornate woodwork was created and designed in previous decades and as such can carry historical significance which far outweighs the value of modern furniture – making old antique pieces are more valuable in the long run. Not only that, but they also look great – particularly in a fairly modern home with minimalist furniture.

Where can I find the best telephone tables for my home?

As with many items of furniture, particularly those designed to make a statement, the answer to this is subjective and depends almost entirely on individual taste. From homeware retailers to second hand stores, individual crafters and interior design specialists, a telephone table is an item to be selected in line with your chosen style and the kind of impact you want to have on your hallway, landing or wherever else you choose to place your table.

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