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Tissue Box Covers

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Tissue Box Covers

While many homeware purchases serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose, tissue box covers are one of those products which is all in the appearance – allowing you to retain a sense of theming and harmony across all the accessories in any one room, even your tissues.

The fact is, so many tissue companies these days splash their logos and branding all around the exterior of their boxes – and while many invest in a range of different designs to optimise the appearance of the tissue boxes, their brand names ultimately overpower any attempt at a stylish design.

How do tissue box covers work?

Tissue box covers are designed to sit over the tissue box itself, replicating the shape and tissue release hole so as to not impend on any of the practicality of the original tissue box. Most products and variations on the market come as a sturdy frame, allowing it to stand alone comfortably by itself – while others, particularly the homemade variety and those which are knitted by hand, need to slot over a strong tissue box in order to retain their shape.

In essence, the concept of a tissue box cover is to give you back control over the appearance of your tissues, by presenting a different exterior which can be chosen in line with your decorative style. Many of our members and buyers ask why retailer don’t simply stock tissues in a variety of box designs rather than force us to invest in specific covers, but the fact is that the tissue box cover market spans all manner of materials which would simply not be a viable material to be used on the mass market for a tissue box. This includes materials like wood, metal and even more unique and innovative such as those made from granite.

The benefits of tissue box covers

There are plenty of buyers who will be happy to just keep the pattern sold by the tissue company on show, stating that a small box isn’t going to affect the overall appearance of their décor. However, we often find that it is the small details which really draw the eye – and that investing in a tissue box cover which blends in with your room style can not only support the overall theme but can help a primarily practical item to blend in and become hidden.

Tissue box covers turn a box of tissues into a design feature, with some of out favourite styles including natural wood casings, intricately decorated pieces and super strong metallic covers designed to withstand the test of time. We often see over time that tissue boxes made from cardboard can look a little battered and worse for wear, instantly reducing the effect of your design effort by making the room look a little tatty. A tissue box cover allows you to conceal all those problems quickly and easily – and often at not too high a cost.

Do make sure you consider the shape of the tissue box before buying and ensure that the cut out hole of your tissue box matches that of the cover you are purchasing. The whole point is for a seamless transition and for it not to be too obvious that your tissue box cover is a fake.

For the widest selection of tissue box covers which span natural designs, metallic and unique creations and ornately patterned casings, head to our variety of homeware accessory and gift stores. And if you can’t find the perfect product for you, explore the possibility of decorating your own!

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