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Toothbrush Holders

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Toothbrush Holders

One of the items on most homeowners’ list, particularly with regards to their bathroom and the accessories they need to pull it together, is a toothbrush holder – somewhere to keep their toothbrush safe and contained in one place, as well as clean and far away from other items in the bathroom.

The market for toothbrush holders has grown hugely, with more and more buyers moving away from simply using a plastic cu or old mug, and instead embracing the importance of a proper holder in creating a stylish and well-designed bathroom – whether it be a plain and simple pot which stands on a shelf or on the side of the sink, or a wall mounted holder which is attached to the wall rather than the sink.

Where to put a toothbrush holder

The question of where to put your toothbrush holder is one which is heavily influenced by the size of holder you go for and the style of bathroom you are dressing. While bathroom features and units seem to be getting bigger as modern bathrooms expand to encompass more space, so too do the accessories we dress it with – with many retailers now offering multi sectioned toothbrush holders which span a larger area and so require more surface space to hold them steady.

If this is the case in your bathroom, wall mounted toothbrush holders can be a great solution which is both aesthetically pleasing and practical – keeping your toothbrush away from the sink where it may become splashed occasionally with excess water or even soap. An alternative is to place your toothbrush holder on a shelf in your bathroom instead, though many members who have tried this review that the shelf needs to be close to the sink otherwise it is un-user friendly and simply creates frustration when what you need is not where you need it to be.

Top designs and structures of bathroom holders

The design of your toothbrush holder is determined not just by the shape of its construction but also by the material used to make it. We often talk about the use of wood in a bathroom, warning buyers that although the material often looks great, the challenge comes in creating something which will remain waterproof with frequent use and which won’t start to rot over time.

Bamboo is a good alternative to hardwood, or else consider coated wood if you are really keen on a wooden toothbrush holder. Other popular materials include coated metal (to prevent rust) and ceramic, as well as plastic and even heavier materials such as granite and clay.

In terms of structural design, you first need to ascertain how many toothbrushes you are looking to store and what kind of brushes they are – i.e. are they electric toothbrushes which take up more space, or are they standard brushes which slot together neatly? Once you know that, you can start looking at the right kind of holder for you and decide if you want something small to sit on the side of the basin, or something a little grander in design which can sit on a shelf. The wall mounted structures tend to be super simple in their appearance, reflecting their modern properties with a single stem attached to the wall and a series of holders sat at the end of the stem – almost like a flower. This is especially ideal for families with multiple toothbrushes to store.

All of these options and more can be found in bathroom fitters and homeware accessory retailers, as well as homeware designers.

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