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TV Beds

The height of luxury which integrates downtime and relaxation into the bedroom, a double or single TV bed is a way of accessing 5-star technology from the comfort of your own bed – without the screen interrupting your interior design and styling.

Generally concealed in the baseboard of the bed frame, the TV of a TV bed king double frame can be accessed via a remote control which elevates the screen to viewing level, giving a whole new meaning to movie nights, and granting modern homeowners the privilege of watching from their favourite seat in the house: their bed.

Whether you opt for a bed with TV already installed, or tailor the screen to your own preferences, buyers who opt for the TV bed design find that it grants them the benefit of access to a screen when they want it, without it taking up extra space or becoming a part of their bedroom design. With the screen able to be raised at the touch of a button, controlled by a remote and central control panel for optimum safety and a great user experience, buyers can browse our collection of TV bed king-size frames, double frames, and smaller frames.

Why We Love TV Beds

  • Movie night at the touch of a button; TV beds grant homeowners the privilege of accessing a TV screen from the comfort of their bed just like in a hotel. All this with the added benefit of being able to conceal the screen when not in use.

  • TV beds often boast sturdy frames and are incredibly durable – whether you opt for a single TV bed, a TV bed double size, or a king-size frame. The TV slot can also double up as storage space for those who want to maximise the function of their bed frame.

  • TV beds offer an alternative to TV storage and display in compact bedrooms or small living spaces – for example bedroom flats and studio apartments. They help to create a seamless aesthetic which is uninterrupted by screens, with users able to access the screen only when they need it.

  • The remote control function which grants access to the TV screen adds an extra layer of interactivity to your home – an impressive feature in modern living. All of this, while also benefiting from the wires to your TV screen is completely hidden in the base of the bed.

  • Most TV bed frames on the market are versatile and can be supplemented with your chosen TV screen provided that the size is compatible. Check with the retailer and specific model before committing to a purchase.


How does a TV bed work?

TV beds work by concealing a screen into the base of the bed, able to be raised via a remote control whenever you want to watch television.

How do you identify the right TV to compliment your TV bed?

As you browse our collection of TV beds, you will notice that many of them dictate the range in screen size that is compatible with the bed frame. From single TV beds to TV beds with king-size frames, identifying the ideal screen size is crucial for a smooth set-up. Check our other considerations for identifying the right TV for your bed here.

In light of the diverse and varied range of TV screens now available on the market, we do recommend checking with the bed manufacturer in terms of the depth of the screen and its dimensions, as generally, only slimline screens fit comfortably in the storage unit.

How do you install a TV bed?

As TV beds almost always come without the TV, as this must be purchased separately, the installation of your TV will depend on your purchase process. Some will buy from retailers that also stock screens, facilitating an end-to-end support process from the retailer – while others opt for the DIY build experience using instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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