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TV Beds

Regarded by many of our members as the height of luxury, choosing to purchase a TV bed for your home is a choice which brings downtime – and everything associated with it - right into your bedroom. Being allowed to have a TV in your room is something that most teenagers dream about, and yet as we approached adulthood many of us cherish the technology-free oasis that is our bedroom. Having said that, why indulge in a bedroom that is furnished to perfection and styled to your exact tastes, if you don’t spend time in there enjoying it?

And what better way to enjoy your surroundings than to settle back with a great movie and popcorn from the most comfortable seat in the house – your bed.

What is a TV bed and how does it work?

Operated by a very simple remote control, a TV bed is a feat of engineering which sees an entire TV screen concealed in the foot of the bed – able to be ejected and raised up for the optimum viewing experience at the press of a button. Using the most innovative and up-to-date technologies, most of the TV beds currently available on the market provide a sleek solution to concealing your bedroom television without taking up any extra space – with the grand reveal able to be operated with barely any noise at all.

Of course there are certain safety features associated with having complex technology so close to where you sleep, but with most models now featuring a central command panel which breaks the voltage to the V off as soon as it is lowered, TV beds are not as safe as they are stylish and practical.

How to install a TV bed

Once you’ve purchased the ideal bed for your bedroom, you need to get the TV to match – and this requires some serious research into the best models and sizes to compliment the bed. Installation can often be supported by the bed specialists, who seek to provide an all-round experience which ensures you are completely happy not just with your purchase but with the finished set-up – so opting to purchase your TV bed through a dedicated bed retailer is a sure fire way to receive the support you need.

The other option aside from purchasing your own television, is to buy it as an add-on through the bed company – a feature which is limited to specialist TV bed retailers and some select department stores with wide technology and furniture departments.

What kind of home would benefit from a TV bed?

As we approach adulthood, having a tv in our bedroom is something which becomes a luxury – something we strive for to give ourselves a treat at the end of a long day. Having said that, installing a television in your bedroom can become a real drain on space, particularly if your bedroom is particularly small or lacks extra surface space. As such, it can be easy for bedrooms with tv’s to become cluttered and untidy.

Until TV beds came along. Although higher priced than regular beds, the practicality and stylish design of a TV which appears from the foot of the bed is a novelty which not only becomes a focal point but allows you to utilise the space you have available in the best way possible. And with an easy to use remote doing all the hard work for you, we predict that TV beds are about to become even more popular among home renovators and new build buyers who want to optimise their space.

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