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Valet Stands

For those of you picturing a hotel or restaurant car valet standing behind his outdoor post, this is something a little different. Often regarded as one of the most useful and versatile pieces of furniture that you can buy for your bedroom or dressing room, a valet stand comes under many other names including a clothes butler, gentleman’s valet and even a suit tree – it all depends on where you are shopping and who you are speaking to.

For those of you wondering what on earth a valet stand is, the construction is super simple but does a wide plethora of important jobs – all because of its basic tall frame and larger base which is designed to hold up and air out a complete outfit or a series of items – including clothing garments and the complimentary accessories.

How does a valet stand work?

The basic constructive concept of a valet stand is that it boasts a tall frame with a series of different levelled hangers and hooks, each with its own unique job. The top rung of the frame is designed as a coat hook, ideal for an outdoor coat or suit jacket – tall enough to keep it from draping across the floor, but not so tall as to dominate a space or create a structure which is too large to blend well within a room. This top rung is often accompanied with a small tray or single drawer, which is designed to hold accessories and add-ons such as watches, cufflinks, ties and belts.

Moving downwards, we tend to find that most of the other rungs and structured levels are adjustable – suitable for dresses, blouses and other shirts depending on the need of the user. From there, it all depends on the model and style you opt for – with many valet stands boasting cushioned seats for the user to sit upon as they dress, while others encompass raised shoe stands to store and air out a pair of shoes.

The advantages to owning a valet stand

There are many homeowners out there who will be reading this and thinking that a valet stand is an unnecessary purchase, designed to add clutter to a room and fulfil no more purpose than a wardrobe or coat rack. While this is true in some regards, we often find that valet stands are a sophisticated and attractive way of adding vibrance to a room, with a focal feature stand which allows you to keep your next day’s outfit clean and tidy without hanging it on a chair or bed.

In essence, the main advantage of a valet stand is its practical and functional use – allowing the user to display and air specific clothing garments on a piece which allows for versatile use – with built in and adaptable levels and shelves for each piece of the outfit.

The overall appearance of your valet stand will depend largely on the structure you choose and the material that it is crafted from, with chrome and ceramic stands tending to look very sophisticated and high end, while wooden structures are much more rustic in their finish and aesthetic. This is also where height and overall size come into play, with some of the more compact stands fitting nicely into a corner or dressing space, while larger stands require more of a presence.

The best valet stands tend to be found in high end and designer homeware stores, with many home styling magazines boasting images and inspiration for styling your room around a valet stand.

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