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Wall Accents

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Wall Accents

When it comes to decorating and furnishing a room, particularly a large one or one with a number of fairly blank walls, sometimes buyers and decorators find that statement furniture pieces and wall decorative panels are not quite enough to add the depth of design that they might want. That is when wall accents come in.

Designed as a complete overhaul of a specific area of entire wall, accents are designed to infuse a completely new and innovative design concept into a room, based around a unique texture or material, a brand new and vibrant colour, or a complete design or pattern painted upon the wall.

When asked why they opt for wall accents over large tapestries or images, many decorators cite wall accents as a means of creating a standout feature which acts as a continuum of the wall itself – without the boundaries of a frame or the edging of a piece of art, but rather blending seamlessly from one wall into the next. It is this which gives wall accents their ultimately international and innovative finish.

Basic Wall Accents

One of the most basic examples of a wall accent is one which uses a statement colour to add life to a wall – most often popular in rooms with an old fireplace and chimney breast which essentially adds a fifth wall to a standard square room. The use of a bold colour can be particularly prominent and linked intrinsically to the style and function of the room, with bedrooms and dressing rooms lending themselves to the deep and rich red and purple shades, while kitchens and living spaces tend to lend themselves well to paler pastel wall accents.

Textured Wall Accents

For those members who think their home is not well suited to texture wall accents, we say this – textures and different materials can suit any space if you choose the right one. You simply need to ascertain which natural material is best suited to your home in full, and reflect that in your accent wall. Some of the most popular examples include wooden panelling, exposed brickwork and even pebble covered walls – all of which are designed to create a cosy and immersive space and to add an extra level of life to the space, to elevate the overall design finish. Meanwhile, tiling is one of the most common examples found in a kitchen or bathroom, while we tend to see wood panelling used best across living spaces.

Patterned Wall Accents

This is where the common trend of 3D wallpaper comes into play, with more and more home decorating retailers investing their efforts in wallpapers which add a little texture to the room which is only obvious once you get close enough to recognise the difference between it and the rest of the walls. In terms of colour, this can be as expressive and unique as you like, while the majority of the design flair is brought in through the way the pattern stands out from the room. Some of our favourite examples take very popular and common motifs, particularly those linked with design periods of history such as the 1920’s and inject their patterning into these statement wallpapers to add a hint of stylistic prominence to a modern room.

For the best selection of wall accents suited to every kind of space, the best options are DIY home decorating stores and home accessory retailers. And if you still aren’t sure on the best option for your home, check home design magazines and features for inspiration and ideas.

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