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Wall Flush Lights

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Wall Flush Lights

Wall flush lights are a great way to add a signature style to any room in your home, whether you are looking to draw attention to your lighting or create something which blends in well and is largely concealed. They can also be used both inside and outside depending on the style you go for, with outdoor flush lights for the wall constructed from stronger materials to ensure they remain weather-proof and safe.

Flush lights for a modern indoor space

The rise in popularity of flush lights is not only due to their convenient structure and plethora of different designs, but also the fact that most of the styles available blend well into a wall without the need for wires and mounts drawing attention away from the simplicity of the light itself. Some of our favourite current styles on the market include domed shapes which stick out from the wall slightly and add texture with their 3D design, strip lights which are thin and can be celebrated on the wall as a standalone feature or run along the corner of a wall to add a visually stimulating feature when the light is switched on, and even designs which are made to replicate older lanterns and caged bulbs.

Of course, one of the most notable things about any modern style of décor is the reliance on basic materials and natural finishes, and so it is important for any flush light in a modern home to be as minimal as possible in terms of colouring and design. As such, we tend to find that modern flush lights are smaller, with homeowners choosing to install more than one light across a total wall space, rather than investing in one large piece.

Flush lights for outside

Similar to the inside space, we often find that flush lights for outside some as smaller structures which can be paired with other lights for the optimum effect. Lining a series of flush lights along a large wall can create small bursts of light for a nice ambience and atmosphere, or else you can choose to locate a few specific lights at key areas to help users navigate their way around the house or the garden.

When members ask how they can use lighting to add romance and mystery to their garden in particular, we tend to recommend wall flush lights as the functional lighting around doors and patio spaces, gradually transitioning into fairy lights as you move deeper into the garden.

Things to consider when looking for wall flush lighting

As ever, the main concern should be around the size of the room you are looking to fill with light, as this not only influences the size of the structure and how bulky it can be, but also impacts how bright you need the light to be – too bright and it could overpower a small room, but not bright enough and it could have an underwhelming effect in a larger space. We recommend assessing the room before selecting your light, then work towards your ideal aesthetic with both the framing and the bulb itself to ensure you fill the room with the right level of light.

The final thing to consider, linked to the last point, is whether you need more than one wall flush light. And if you do, make sure they are hung in line with each other to avoid a visual imbalance.

For the best selection of wall flush lights for your inside and outside spaces, head to lighting specialists and homeware decorative stores.

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