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Peaceful bedroom Feng Shui for the holiday season

Ah, Christmas, the time of peace, love and goodwill to all men. But what about the holiday enthusiasts who throw themselves heart and soul into creating a very Merry Christmas for their loved ones and spend November and December in a whirl of preparation, activity and then clearing up afterwards without taking a moment for themselves?

You know what they say, you can’t pour from an empty Champagne glass, so let’s make sure you are on sparkling form too!

If you are the one who brings the holiday season into your home, I want to remind you to make space to take care of yourself along the way, so you get to feel genuinely joyful rather than burned out by the time the big day dawns.

There are many ways to get your Feng Shui and Interiors Therapy working to create a happy and contented home, and if you’d like a personal taster call with me, you can book one via www.interiorstherapy.com.
If you have some knowledge of Feng Shui, you’ll be aware that the practice brings balance and harmony into homes in order, amongst other things, to amplify success, wealth, wellbeing, and positive relationships.

As the Feng Shui of every home is unique, let’s start with some basics which are relevant wherever you live, to create a peaceful bedroom for the holiday season.


Clutter is the enemy of the holiday season, well to be honest, it’s working against you regardless of the time of year! However, if you have children or intransigent partners who can’t bear to get rid of their surplus possessions, this is a prime opportunity to explain that by clearing the stuff they no longer use, need or love, they are making space for the lovely new things they really want to appear in their Christmas stocking!  Choose your moment to drop this suggestion, and be on hand with a black bag because this one works like a dream!

Use symmetry

Symmetry makes a world of difference in a bedroom. I’m talking about positioning the bed to provide the maximum equilibrium and peace of mind for you, and if you have one, your partner too. Wherever possible, place the bed centrally on a wall with a strong, comfortable headboard and space for matching nightstands or drawers on either side. Ideally you will have a clear view of the door in what’s known as the ‘command position’ so you can see anyone coming through it… excluding Santa obviously, because unless you are on the naughty list, you will be sound asleep when he visits.

You can add to the sense of equality by using identical lamps. By choosing nightstands with a drawer, you can put away the paraphernalia which tends to colonise the surfaces and just gets in the way. The clearer they are, the better you will sleep. It’s as simple as that.

Be mindful

Overhead art or furniture will put an energetic downward pressure on your head, neck and shoulders, and if you already have something hanging over your head as you sleep, you may be experiencing headaches, neck and back pain. I know the wall above the bed feels like the most obvious place for a picture, but experiment with having some clear head space instead. 
If you can remove overhead storage and replace it with spacious floor standing cupboards or Narnia sized wardrobes like this Smoked Oak design from Chiltern Oak Furniture, that’s going to ease some of the energetic heaviness pressing down on you, but if it’s simply impossible to do without it, please only keep very lightweight spare bedding in the cupboards above your bed head.

Keep a calm Christmas-free zone

Decorating every room in the house, including the bedrooms, might look enticing in a Christmas movie, but choose your options carefully or you’ll probably find it interferes with quality sleep and self care in a number of ways.

Bright fiery colours, the traditional reds along with orange, bright purple and hot pink are popular decorative choices, but in a bedroom they can cause stress, hot tempers and arguments. 
Choosing blues and blacks will add a designer touch but beware of roller-coaster emotions and the tears and tantrums which come with the overload of watery energy which comes with them.
Bear in mind this advice is just as relevant to children’s bedrooms, and even more so for any neurodivergent members of the family.

You’re probably already aware of recommendations to have muted lighting in a bedroom to support sleep, so if you absolutely must have fairy lights in the bedroom, never have them twinkling on and off so you allow your mind to relax. Use a warm white tone in preference to ice white lights as these have enough UV light to trigger the brain into activity, just at the time you need it to switch off!

There are some deliciously scented candles and reed diffusers, but concentrated aromas may be an assault on the senses. Choose something gentle and organic for the bedroom like this beautiful candle from Neom.

Essential Wellbeing

Having a stuffy, overheated house does no one any favours, and in many homes a busy Christmas week often means barely going outdoors for some exercise or breathing space. To keep the air fresh, open the windows regularly to allow stagnant energy to be flushed away, and keep the temperature in the bedroom slightly lower than other areas of the home which will help lull the body into the vital rest you deserve.
Select pillows which keep the head and neck cool. I love these Mulberry silk blend pillows by John Lewis which are both hypoallergenic and a little like sleeping on a cloud. Between you and me, I’ve bought them for my Mum this year! They are a gorgeous treat, so gift yourself a couple when you’re doing your Christmas shopping. 

Duvets can be a minefield in homes where there is a menopausal woman sharing a bed with a man who feels the cold (...been there, done that)! There are a variety of ways to manage this challenging situation, but perhaps the easiest is to invest in two separate duvets with differing tog levels or alternatively use a 4 tog then layer up his side of the bed with a snuggly throw or two so his shivering doesn’t keep you awake. These luxe faux-fur throws from Anthropologie have something for everyone. 

Activate the romance Feng Shui

This is easy to do by boosting the pair energy in your bedroom. Happy couples do it without a second thought, but one of the ways I can ‘read a home’ where a singleton lives or someone is feeling unfulfilled or imbalanced in their relationship is to spot the number of solo figures in art or solitary ornaments they have on display. Find art which describes the sort of relationship you would like to have with your partner or a new significant other, and from now on, always buy decorative items in twos! 

Prioritise your sanctuary

I know you’ve heard it all before, but please make your bedroom feel like a beautiful safe space for you and your significant other. We all need to be able to escape and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Even in the happiest homes, tempers can flare, and misunderstandings occur when individuals are feeling tired or under pressure. If the bedroom is set up to help you relax and decompress, you’ll be in a stronger emotional position to deal with the sprouts boiling dry and you might just avoid doing permanent damage with the nutcrackers!

Suzanne Roynon is an international Interiors Therapy expert and Feng Shui consultant available across the UK, Europe and North America. Book your personal mini-consultation here.

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Suzanne Roynon is an interiors therapy expert, feng shui consultant, freelance writer and award-winning author. She started her company InteriorsTherapy.com in 2015 and now works with clients across the UK and internationally in addition to writing for Homes & Gardens, interiors magazines and newspapers and is a BBC guest expert.

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