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Advent Calendars

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Advent Calendars

When December hits and the countdown to Christmas begins, what kind of family are you? Do you crave the edible treats hiding behind each window, or are you the kind of family who delight in revealing a new image and fun fact every day? Perhaps you light a new candle for every evening of advent, or maybe you simply cross the date off a well-loved advent sheet.

Advent is a time for celebration and excited anticipation, and we know our members are always looking for new ways to mark the annual countdown; hunting for the latest and most innovative advent calendars on the market. Luckily, the choice is expanding every year, providing the thrill of opening a new door alongside some really coveted gifts and treats.

The history of advent calendars

Did you know that the very first evidence of advent calendars actually came from Germany in 1851, and showed them to be completely handmade? Counting down the days from the first day of December to Christmas eve has been a family activity marked across the centuries, primarily for religious reasons in the early days and often marked with the lighting of an advent candle – something which has stuck around and is still a popular tradition today.

The very first chocolate calendars appeared in stores in 1958, and since have gone from strength to strength; now boasting everything from cheesy gifts to alcohol, jewellery and even make-up.

The best advent calendars for the family

Many of our members tend to opt for one calendar per family member, sometimes then coming together with a single communal calendar which is more closely linked to the family spirit of the occasion – rather than the daily gifts.

With most retailers on the market now offering some form of advent calendar in the run up to Christmas, the options are endless and almost any taste can be satisfied – with many of our favourite retailers now upping their game to include some of their most popular products in mini versions hidden behind the daily doors. The value of advent calendars has thus gone up, with many now using the incredible savings and promotions to market and advertise their advent calendar – not just as a treat full of goodies, but as a very high value gift.

If you’re struggling to find the best calendars for all your family members, consider using online retailers which allow you to narrow your search down by age, gender and even hobbies and interests.

How much to spend on an advent calendar?

Really, this depends on the type of calendar and what the daily gift is, with many retailers not only showcasing the selling price of the calendar, but also its overall value. This is a marketing technique employed by many retailers to entice buyers in, and we suggest that our members take heed and spend some time considering if what you’re paying for is what you want. Just because it’s pricey, doesn’t mean it will be any more enjoyable than the simple pleasure of a chocolate advent calendar with its bitesize nugget of chocolate every morning!

TOP TIP: If you are looking for multiple advent calendars or are shopping on a budget, consider purchasing the end of season stock in January, ahead of advent later that year. Sold out of season, advent calendars can be found super cheaply – even if they do contain some high-end items – so stocking up is a great way to save money. The only thing you will need to consider and check is the best before date on any food items or edible advent calendars!

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