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Bath Racks

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Bath Racks

Elevating the experience of having a bath has long been something which bathroom designers and accessory retailers alike have been trying to do. From well placed windows at bath height for the very best views, to side tables and wine coolers fit for holding glasses and books at the side of the bath, finding new and innovative ways of turning bath time into something a little more luxurious is the common goal of designer, retailers and buyers alike.

Bath racks traditionally were used to hold the items needed to indulge in a productive cleaning ritual – holding shampoo, conditioner, soap, and – in the oldest of days – a jug designed to pour the water over your head as you washed. While these bath racks still exist and are commonly made from coated metal so as to ensure they do not become damager over time with exposure to water, the market has now welcomed a new style of bath rack, designed to optimise the luxury of having a bath.

Modern bath racks

These modern bath racks hook over both side of the bath to create a barrier which hands suspended above the water, providing a stable base which can hold all manner of things, from a glass of wine to a good book. Featuring various cut out holders and slots, these bath racks provide inspiration around the way in which you can use them, by pointing users towards different slots which are optimised for things like smartphones, tablets and drinks – letting you watch a movie in the bath or browse the internet.

Of course, one of the challenges of designing anything for a modern home – in particular the bathroom – is that as our tastes and preferences change, so too do the sizes of our pieces of furniture and fittings. Baths are getting wider and so accessories designed for use across all baths need to be adaptive to the changing shapes and sizes. As a response to this, the modern bath racks created by retailers feature extendable arms, with a solid table surface in the middle which conceals the two arms – able to be pulled apart and slotted onto the edge of the bath no matter how wide it is.

Things to consider when buying a bath rack

The number one consideration with any bath rack is its stability and the assurance that what you are buying will not suddenly break and drop all your gadgets and possessions into the soapy water beneath. As such, the extendable arms design of a modern bath rack tends to be reinforced with excess material which holds both arms firm and stable – whether it be a natural wooden creation or something a little more industrial in style, for example using metal or even solid plastic.

The other thing to consider is the durability of the material itself – with wood looking great but ultimately succumbing to constant splashes of water and eventually rotting in parts. To ensure your rack is durable, make sure you store it somewhere away from the bath tub and only get it out when you want to use it properly – protecting it from the splashes of a running bath or the messy water spillages of a child’s bath time.

The final thing to consider is colour, with most buyers liking to keep it as natural and / or neutral as possible with either a plain wooden structures rack, or one painted white – protecting the wood while reflecting the white of most bathroom styles.
For the best bath racks, gift stores as well as homeware accessory stores tend to stock a variety of colours, styles and sizes.

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