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Baubles & Tree Ornaments

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Baubles & Tree Ornaments

There are a couple of factors you need to consider when it comes to Christmas: when to decorate and how to decorate. With regards to the when, the choice really is up to you – with some following tradition and holding back until the middle to end of December, while others embrace the festive period almost as soon as the sun rises on another Halloween night. Once the time arrives, there are of course three avenues to travel down when it comes to sourcing Christmas decorations, particularly baubles and tree ornaments, and these are as follows:

  1. Pick the very best and the most elegant, and decorate sparsely

  2. Decorate completely and without holding back

  3. Make your own

Elegant baubles and tree ornaments

These are the pieces you treasure year on year; wrapping them in adequate padding for the majority of the year before pulling them out around Christmas and giving them pride of place on your tree. We tend to find that while elegant ornaments and tree baubles are more expensive and made with a high quality finish, they can also restrict the way in which you can decorate, especially with regards to colour schemes and specific decorative themes. Many homeowners opt for specific themes or colour schemes in order to pull off a stylish finish, with the traditional red and green or red and gold topping the books as the most common favourites – though less traditional colours are swiftly gaining popularity particularly with modern houses – who tend to favour whites and silvers. For those looking to buy minimal decorations but all of a high quality, designer retailers and department stores tend to offer the finest options – with standalone and individual baubles, smaller packs of limited edition handcrafted baubles and tree ornaments, and exquisitely decorated ornaments.

Buying your baubles in bulk

Perfect for the homes and families who like to really throw the festivities around their entire home, buying baubles in bulk is both a cost effective and easy way of sticking with a main decorating style without having to take the time to select the individual pieces. For these homes, shopping at more affordable high street retailers will mean you are able to buy as many decorations as you like while still maintaining an affordable basket – often taking home slightly lower quality decorations but making up for that in quantity.

Add your own personality

And then we have the handmade and personally decorated baubles and tree ornaments, often stored in one box which is filled with school-made ornaments, handmade paper chains and baubles which have been purchased and painted by the family at some point over the past years. When it comes to creating a really personal tree filled with memories, these are the items which should take pride of place – and which provide you with a great activity to engage in as a family every year in order to add to the growing collection of festive decorations. If you are concerned by the colour scheme or theme of your home and worry that certain handmade decorations will not match the overall look, consider the value of adding smaller decorative collections across other rooms and other spaces of the home. If a selection of Christmas angels look out of place on the tree in your living room for example, look at purchasing a glitter branch to place in the dining room or kitchen of your home, and hang your handmade angels from that. Trust us, it is the personal touches which will really make Christmas come alive.

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