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Bean Bags

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Bean Bags

Once relegated to schools and children’s playrooms, possibly even to university halls and students rooms, the rise of beanbags as a functional, comfortable and transportable method of lounge seating has recently extended into the adult world of home décor, with the market now filled with beanbag solutions for both inside and outside seating.

Beanbags are still hugely popular with children – that will never go away. They’re comfy, they tend to be decorated with the brightest and most playful of designs, and they are light enough that a child can pick them up and move them around themselves.

The top benefits of having at least one beanbag in your home:

  • They are particularly comfortable for pregnant women, as they adapt to the shape and size of the person sitting in them.

  • For similar reasons, they are comfortable for those who suffer with an achy back or joints.

  • They are easy to clean.

  • They take up far less space than furniture but can provide an innovative and interesting mode of seating for guests and parties.

  • They are affordable.

  • The modern designs of beanbag are now made with breathable materials which circulate air, making them safe even for babies.

  • You can find beanbags in pretty much any shape you want, from the standard pouffe to a full-blown sofa replica, a loveseat or an outdoor lounger.

  • Children can enjoy sitting on them, jumping on them and playing with them – and the likelihood that they will break is very low. Thus, they are the perfect piece of furniture for children.

  • You can take it with you on outdoor adventures, for example camping trips, picnics and weekends away.

  • Beanbags are customisable, with the chance to have them personalised or made from your choice of fabric available at many crafters and independent stores.

How do I make a beanbag look stylish in my home?

The beauty of the modern beanbag market is that they are no longer designed to stand out and offend any space with less clutter than a teenager’s room. Beanbags have been embraced as a classy addition to a room or outdoor space, with some really comfortable designs and layouts made with neutral colour palettes, on-trend material patterns and functional extras which make the beanbag even more attractive – for example in-built pockets down the sides to safely store your phone or book.

One of our favourite uses of larger beanbags is as outdoor loungers, with many homeware and accessory retailers featuring beanbags as part of their seasonal outdoor range in the Spring and Summer. If you do intend on purchasing a beanbag for outside, make sure you select it form an outdoor range to ensure that the material is appropriate for outdoor use and that it can withstand various weather conditions – though we know that many of our members like to use their beanbags with a dual-purpose and so choose to move it inside once they are done with it outside.

In terms of selecting the right colour for your beanbag, consider the variety of spaces your beanbag may occupy and which colours will best work across the full range. Perhaps you prefer to keep it safe with neutral colours, or maybe there is a block colour or distinct pattern which you love and want to use as a stand out feature in your beanbag? The choice is yours!

Buying my beanbag

For the best in beanbags, head to homeware and accessory retailers – exploring both their indoor and outdoor furnishing collections. We would also recommend checking out the children’s sections as some retailer still relegate beanbags as an item for young people – or else head to gift retailers and outdoor stores.

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