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Side Tables

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Side Tables

Whether it’s for your living room, bedroom or study, the beauty of a good side table is its flexibility and versatility of use. From resting a drink down, to leaning on them to write a list, our members often rave about the anticipated – and often unexpected - benefits of side tables, seeking out everything from the most basic wooden platform through to intricately designed works of art.

One of the biggest questions we get asked about side tables is the ideal height, but really this is as subjective as the design itself. Often designed to match the height of a sofa, the most generic position for a side table is next to the sofa, though we are seeing an increasing amount of tables being added as a bonus feature in hallways, bedrooms and even dining rooms.

So, where can you find the best side tables and what should you be looking for?

How they are made

One of our favourite things about furniture is how it can be used to pull together a room – or to completely stand out. As with your sofa, your coffee table and even your television, the side table can be selected to harmonise with the rest of the room, or to stand out with one of the more modern designs as found in a number of high street and designer retailers.

In terms of the design and make, this will depend on which retailer you opt for, although it is worth noting that the high the price tag, the more quality will have gone into the creation of the table – and the sturdier the materials will likely be. While many opt for wood – thanks to its versatility and ability to be painted over and over to match different design ideas, metal has become an increasingly popular material in light of industrial design trends, and plastic has also seen a rise in popularity thanks to the cost-effective nature of it and the ability to replicate almost any design pattern in plastic.

One tip we recommend for our members, is to assess the area in which you wish to place your side table, and ensure the flooring is level. It is easy enough to alter the length of the side table legs a little to balance out on an uneven flooring surface, but if you are able to check in advance then this is something the retailer could do for you to ensure a good job well done.

What is the best way to use a side table as a design accessory?

When it comes to choosing a side table to use as a design accessory for your room, consider if you want it to stand out or blend in and match your other furniture. A basic platform with four legs is the most standard design you can get, but with modern taste and style taking over collection across most retailers, now is a great time to look into some more artistic and complex designs – for example winding legs which replicate gnarled tree trunks; solid concrete block legs to embrace an industrial vibe; and even stacked shapes which create an intricate pattern – one of our favourites being the trend around honeycomb shaped hive designs.

Another trend which has seen a comeback and provides an extra level or practicality, is stackable tables (also known as ‘nest tables’) - whereby you essentially get two or more for the price of one. Able to be stacked together, or separated out into separate side tables, these nest tables are back and here to stay thanks to their clever design and ease of use – two things which we know our members value when looking for high quality items which will look great in the home and provide some great benefits.

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