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Boot Scrapers & Jacks

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Boot Scrapers & Jacks

If you live in the countryside, enjoy spending time on long walks all year round, or simply get out and about as often as you can, the likelihood is that you own a pair of wellington boots – and you know the challenges they bring when it comes to taking them off when they’re wet and caked in mud.
The best thing about wellies is that we can stroll through mud, puddles and streams knowing our feet will remain warm and dry – the bad thing about them is that once we get home, getting them off is a real struggle, particularly when you don’t want to get your hands wet and covered in mud as you attempt to pull them off.

Rather than hooking them over a door frame as so many members claim to do, consider investing in a boot scraper and jack – a simple design which harnesses the power of two super useful concepts and combines them into one leading product, which not only helps you hook your boot off, but also lets you rub some of the dry mud off to leave them as good as new.

What is a boot scraper?

Generally made up of two hard-bristle brushes facing each other, a boot scraper encourages the user to sit the shoe of their boot in between the brush heads and use the hard bristles to scrape away dirt from their shoe. Most often paired with a metal framed scraper underneath, this same motion scrapes away mud from the bottom of the boot at the same time so that ultimately you are left with a boot sole and foot which is as clean as it possibly can be.

The best way to achieve optimum results with a boot scraper is to allow the mud on your boots to dry and then use the scraper, as wet mud will only be brushed into the boot and wiped across it creating more mess.

What is a boot jack?

Designed to help you remove wellington boot and other walking boots, a boot jack features a main body that you stand on with one foot, while hooking the ankle of your boot between two pinch points at the front of the jack and using them to trap the foot and lever your foot out of it. Given the pressure put on them through the weight of the standing foot and the pulling motion of the other boot, boot jacks tend to be very sturdy in their construction – using metal or hardwood as the foundation of their design – with some boasting friction pads on the top to hold your standing foot in place.

What are some of the best designs available on the market?

As the boot scraper and jack tends to be found in the porch or outside the front or back door, it follows that the most popular designs are nature orientated or rustic and rural in their finish – using dark or copper coloured metal either in very neutral designs and constructions, or else taking whimsical creatures and placing them at the heart of the design. One common example is a hedgehog, with the bristles of the brush appearing to be the spikes of the hedgehog – or a bug where the user steps on the body and uses the antennae to remove their boot.

All of these and more can be found in outdoor and homeware stores, as well as garden centres and specialist farm stores.

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