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Cat Beds

Of all the accessories that homeowners purchase for their feline and furry friends, a cat bed is often top of the list – with options on the market ranging from complete palaces to small surface level beds made from wool, fleece and basic wicker. A cat bed is not so much a distinct bed for sleeping as a place for your cat to feel at home, with many finding that in fact their cat will sleep wherever they feel warm and safe and connected with owner – only to return to their actual bed when home alone.

Despite this, cat beds still make up a large portion of the cat accessory market, with pet specialist retailers and department stores both pitching in and advertising all manner of different beds designed for the comfort of cats.

Innovative cat beds

While the standard bed is a fleece or wool lined shallow bucket shape with a base and edges which keep cats warm and contained in a small area, the market is gradually taking on more innovative examples and solutions which range from different shapes and sizes to tube beds, hanging beds, small mattress beds which attach to a normal bed for the cat to sleep next to their owner, and even complete turrets which promote the activity of your cat as well as giving them somewhere to sleep.

While these types of innovations elevate the appearance of the bed and its playful nature, there are other ways that manufacturers and retailers have expanded the industry to include more innovative products – for example those made with a hygienic fleece layer or those which have extra durable outer materials so that your cat cannot pull the construction apart easily.

The rise in hanging cat beds and those which can be attached onto other objects is another innovation which gives cats access to window ledges and higher levels which they can view the outside world from – though if you decide to choose one of these beds then you should take care to ensure it is stable and supportive enough for the weight of your cat.

Positioning your cat bed

It can be very easy for homeowners to place their cat bed in the darkest corner possible, keeping it out of the way of their home styling and décor. And while for many cats this is favourable as they like dark spaces, homeowners often find that many cats will prefer to curl up and sleep somewhere which is close to a source of heat and surrounding by comfort as well as darkness.

No matter where you choose to place your cat bed, it is worth putting time into considering which colours and textures will match with and compliment your home décor, as the cat bed can quickly become an eyesore and a focal point if you opt for something bright or patterned in the midst of a modern home.

Things to consider before buying a cat bed

If you want a cat bed that will last a long time, the first thing to consider is the size of the bed and the size of your cat – and whether you expect them to grow much during the course of their lifetime. If may be worth sizing up so the bed fits them for longer.

Another thing to consider is the material of the bed and how easy it is to wash, with many homeowners lining their cat beds with blankets which are removable and easy to wash rather than having to wash the entire bed.

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