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Cat Accessories

One of the biggest trends of the modern market is the rise in popularity of all things “cats” – whether it be accessories for cats, or human accessories covered with images or and quotes about cats. The concept and idea of being a ‘cat lady’ is one which has been widely covered in mainstream media, leading to the significant rise in everyday products which feature cats and which enable cats and their owners to have a far more humanised relationship and bond.

From the ordinary cat toys to the highly original body cat carrier straps and cat leads, the market around cat accessories has now expanded outside of pet stores to encompass other retail sectors and even independent marketplace stores – thus widening the target audience and furthering consumer demand.

Examples of cat accessories for cats

While accessories for human are a large part of the cat driven market, the main focus here is on accessories for cats – and so the main body of examples lies around those items which are purchased to heighten our cats’ quality of life. The industry around cat beds has now expanded and become something which ranges from a standard single bed to a product line which features complete climbing castles, with beds at the top of turrets which your cat can climb in order to reach their bed and settle down. Any cat owner you know will tell you that cats love to scratch and climb, and so any product you can find which satisfies these needs as well as providing a functional purpose is a good investment – and might save your curtains and arm chairs from cat claws!

Another example of a key cat accessory is cat toys – ranging from balls of fluff and fabric at the end of strings and sticks, cat treat filled balls which the can must roll around in order to access the treats, and toys with squeakers which make noises as the cat plays with and bats the around. As well as the conventional toys purchased in stores, cats are also big lovers of small dark spaces and ordinary items they can hide in or under, and so many homeowners often become experts in crafting hiding spots for their cats using old cardboard boxes and blankets as well as the more traditional toys.

And then we have the cat accessories which are designed to make both their lives and our lives easier and more convenient – for example cat flaps, collars and cat carriers, which are all designed as purely functional accessories. Cat flaps in particular have seen huge developments over the years, with electronic tags providing one way access to a home’s resident cat only – eradicating the risk of other cats getting into your home. These tags tend to be attached to collars, providing cat collars with even more of a functional purpose.

Things to consider with cat accessories

For new cat owners, one of the biggest recommendations we can share with regards to cat accessories is not to spend too much on high end and expensive accessories – as many of them will become lost and destroyed over time. Any toy filled with or associated with treats is often super popular with cats, while those other more functional and practical accessories are specially designed to keep them safe and to help you become more of a confident cat owner.

For cat accessories for every kind of home and every need, head to pet specialists, online cat store retailers, and even department stores – as well as independent crafters for the truly unique toys and cat beds.

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