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Owning a pet is a move which is shrouded in the human need to protect and care for, and provide companionship to animals – particularly those in need, referencing the rise in rescue shelters and animal care sanctuaries which are slowly making waves in the industry and drawing buyers away from buying from breeders and instead rescuing animals from hardship.

The pet industry and retail sector not only stretches to the pet and the things they personally need, but also the accessories which we as consumers decide to invest in to increase our interaction and engagement with our pets – for example pet holders and toys which can be found across both independent creator brands and big name pet retailers; all operating their own industry trends and deals in line with the stock they sell and the services they provide.

Owning a pet and what it means as a homeowner

One of the leading factors for growth across the industry as a whole is the rise in pet humanisation and the idea that humans see their pets as companions and part of the family – leading consumers to ultimately spend more money and invest more time in their pets. This means that, more than anything, pet accessories and the items we associate with owning a pet are becoming more carefully made and more aesthetically pleasing – as homeowners move their pets into their living spaces and embrace them like additional family members. For some this can mean blending their pet accessories in with the rest of the home décor, while for others it may mean dedicating an area of space to the pet and their various accessories and needs – for example a utility room or a space in the kitchen.

For homeowners, there are a variety of things which need to be considered when selecting a pet and choosing the right accessories for them – with many not realising or not understanding how much is needed when you own a pet in terms of the essentials and additional extras. From food bowls and water bowls to beds and blankets, toys, litter trays, treats and stores of food, pets gradually spread across your home whether you encourage them to or not – with many trying to keep pets off the furniture but eventually giving in as the animals in their life continue to jump up and spend time with the family.

If you, as a homeowner, are firm in your training and make it clear from day one that the furniture is off limits then you can successful train your cat or dog to stay away from the furniture – however we do recommend that pet owners have contingency plans in place to hoover up fur and hair left behind, and perhaps invest in cushions which pets can rest on while the family are in the living room.

And it isn’t just the living accessories which you will find infiltrating your home and budgets – with pet food ranging from affordable to high end and expensive depending on the brand you go for and where you choose it from, and treats becoming a large part of your spending when it comes to your pet. Pets are also susceptible to a wide range of services, from veterinary services to grooming, day care, walking services (specific for dogs) and training.

The best retailers for pet accessories and pet foods range from supermarkets to pet superstores and pet specialists, as well as outdoor and garden centres (depending on the pet you get and whether you choose for them to live inside or outside).

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