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Cat Trees & Scratching Posts

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Cat Trees & Scratching Posts

Keeping a cat entertained in your home is not just about playing with them all day every day – it is also about keeping them stimulated and allowing them to do what comes naturally to them without it destroying your home completely. One of biggest questions we get asked by consumers and homeowners is how to entertain their cat and stop them from pricing at their claws on chair legs and soft furnishings – and the answer is simpler than it sounds. You need to invest in some cat trees and scratching posts.

There will be those reading this post and thinking ‘that’s all very well, but how do I convince my cat to use the scratching post rather than my leg? Surely it’s a waste of money?’ Give it time! If you invest in buying an appealing scratching post for your cat, and make sure that consistently pull them away from chair legs and rewards them for using the post, you will find that over time it becomes natural.

The benefits of scratching posts and cat trees

When it comes to defining the benefits of these kinds of cat accessories, the benefits are not merely limited to the home itself – though this is the main selling point for those who want to protect their furniture.

All of the other benefits are actually directly linked with your cat, with scratching posts and cat trees serving a variety of purposes which help to keep them healthy and active, and which ensure that they live long and happy lives. One of the main benefits is that scratching regularly helps your cat to keep their claws sharp and healthy, removing old and dead claw material and thus ensuring that they don’t run into any health issues from infection or injury. Another benefit is the exercise that the scratching post provides, particularly when it is incorporated into a cat tree with multiple layers for your cat to jump onto and stretch across – thus utilising all their muscles and maintaining an active toning programme.

Communication is also a key part of the benefits of scratching posts, particularly when you have more than one cat. Every cat releases their own scent when they use their paws – and by using a scratching post they are letting every other cat know that they have been there – thus helping to define a status ranking and maintain control. This is not only good for keeping your cats in line, but can also help in keeping other cats out of your home – they will come across the scent of your cat on the post and will know to keep away because there is already a cat in charge in your home.

Things to consider when buying a cat tree or scratching post

Provided you purchase something of a high quality which is large enough to give your cat a good stretch when they stand up to scratch, the main thing you need to consider with your purchase is how it will look in your home and what you need to do to keep your home aesthetically pleasing. First and foremost, acknowledge that this is saving your furniture – beyond that, everything else comes down to colour ad size, with full cat trees creating a statement with extra extravagance while simple scratching posts are more tailored to a subtle indication to the presence of a cat in the home. Most modern retailers and pet stores now provide both styles of product in different colours and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your home.

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