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Children's Framed Art

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Children's Framed Art

The market for children’s framed art can be split into a number of compartments:

  • Professional and commercial paintings

  • Character prints

  • Photos – single or collages

  • Quotes

  • Handmade paintings

While each of these boasts their own advantages and unique design points, the key thing to remember about children’s framed art is that the more generic and personal you can make it to the child, the longer it will remain relevant and popular with your children.


Paintings are something that are always popular – no matter what age you are, and what kind of home you are styling. Paintings are the part of a room that the eye will be drawn to no matter what else is in place; giving guests an insight into the kind of things you like to surround yourself with, and adding life and vibrancy to a modern and neutral home; or toning down a brighter design style.

When it comes to paintings for a children’s room, the more iconic the scene the better, with many children being drawn to paintings in which their imagination can run wild – for example pirate ships, castles with princesses, and mysterious woods and hills.

Character Prints

Always a popular choice when it comes to framed art for children, and yet these are the first kinds of print which go out of style quickly as your children grow up and go through phases. Unless you want to replace the image every other week, consider something a little more generic than specific characters on the walls.


Large prints of iconic family memories will never go out of style and filling your children’s room with framed photos will remind them of happy times and always keep them surrounded with warmth and love. If you have the time and the wall space, collages are a really fun way to display lots of photos at once and can be crafted together to create a really engaging activity for you to do together with your children.

For an enhanced framed collage, head to craft stores and DIY retailers to pick up ribbons, stickers and other features you can add to the photos to make them really fun and vibrant and add a unique touch to each one.


Popular particularly with older children, framed quotes give you an opportunity to ensure your children are surrounded with positive affirmations and thoughts in their own space – an invaluable tool to provide support for children who may be struggling or simply going through the process of growing up. Framed prints have dominated the artwork market in recent years, with calligraphy and decorated quotes providing popular for both children’s rooms and other spaces in the home. For something which really resonates with your children, select a quote from their favourite book or something spoken by a character they look up to.

Handmade framed art

This is where it gets really personal; hopefully providing you with artwork that will remain hung on the wall for many years to come. Sitting down to create specific artwork yourself, gives you and your children the space to determine exactly how you want something to look, from the colours to the designs, patterns and unique features. Sign your handmade paintings in the bottom corner to give them that professional lifelong finish – and hang them in your children’s room.

For the widest selection of children’s framed art, assess what kind of art will best suit their space and then take time visiting interior retailers and homeware and gift stores to find the widest selection of potential items to suit their personality.

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