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Children's Wall Art

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Children's Wall Art

With a fine balance between displaying children’s homemade art and professional images of their favourite characters and scenes, filling a child’s room with vibrant and inspirational wall art is by far the easiest way to add colour, life and imagination to a room – and can be a great way to celebrate their own pictures.

From full coverings to smaller framed images and quotes, the best thing about children’s wall art is that no piece is too big or too bold – rather, the more the art brings to the room, the better it is.

Large full wall coverings

Ever growing with an increasingly large fanbase, large wall art which spans across entire bedroom walls is perfect for children, turning their bedroom and playroom into a space scene, the inside of a fairy tale castle, or the depth of a magical wood. The wall is where they get the backdrop for their stories from, and has the power to completely transform their creativity if done right – but how do you achieve the perfect full wall covering?

One way is with stencils and paint – a labour intensive but enjoyable experience, which children can get involved in to create a completely unique and personalised wall art finish with their choice of colours and additional features such as their names. Alternatively, many members opt for wall sticks and decals which come printed and can simply be stuck to the wall to turn it into a stylistic background super quickly and easily.

Framed wall art

Whether it be one or two framed images, or an entire wall covered with various frames holding different pictures, framing pictures is always a stylish solution when it comes to adding art to a room. For children, we recommend looking at frames that are a little more vibrant than the neutrals you may select for the rest of your home, with plastic and very light MDF wood options being ideal for children rather than hardwood or metal.

Wall Art and Quotes

Some parents choose to paint quotes onto their child’s wall – others like to purchase metal wall art and decal stickers. Whichever you go for, adding a large quote to your child’s wall art is a great way to remind them of an inspiration or idea which is important to you as a family – for example reminding them that they are loved, beautiful, talented, or anything else.

Another idea is to simply opt for their name in large wall print. Children loving having their name on their possessions, and what better way to reaffirm this than by spreading their name right across their own bedroom wall in intricate calligraphy. For an extra boost, add a characterisation or self portrait of your children to solidify their ownership of the room.

Other ideas for children’s wall art

One question we get asked regularly is how to display children’s artwork and favourite images without spending lots on frames which can very easily be broken or damaged with child’s play. One of the best ideas we have seen in recent years, and one which stems from the idea of hanging Christmas cards, is to install lengths of string across the walls with small pegs, where children can be completely in control of hanging their own pictures and drawings – safely, easily and with their own decorative style.

All of these ideas and more can be supplemented with craft and picture framing purchases from interior retailers, gift stores and homeware retailers, and DIY and craft stores.

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