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Christmas Accents & Décor

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Christmas Accents & Décor

When you think about Christmas and bringing the festive period into your home, what do you picture? Is it a certain set of colours? Perhaps it’s a motif or theme which you embrace every year? Or maybe it’s the eclectic and personal touches which you introduce to your overall home décor during the Winter festive months.

When it comes to Christmas accents, we all have our own personal touches and we all have the standard mass market accents that we adhere to and follow. One of the most popular and common examples is the use of red and green colouring across the home – from the Christmas wreath to dining sets and table decorations, outdoor flashing fairy lights, and even festive napkins and wrapping paper options.

How to use popular Christmas accents in the home

The concept of a Christmas accent is essentially one which becomes a commonly used theme reminiscent of the festive period. While we have already explored the popularity of red and green as a colour scheme used across the home, other popular accents that we often see across homes are the use of fairy lights on a tree, the inclusion of silver glitter and gold hints across decorative items and dining sets in particular, and the fun and whimsical characters of Santa and his elves across various areas and spaces in the home.

Using these Christmas accents is easy – after all, most of them are available across every retailer around Christmas, in all manner of different styles and ways. What is not so easy is using these accents in a classy way – with homeowners often facing a choice between decorating their home in a classy and elegant way and decorating their home with great vibrance and colour.

This is where your Christmas décor comes in.

The value of Christmas décor

Christmas décor is what helps us bring the festive spirit into our everyday lives – and is what elevates our home space from something two dimensional and modern into something which feels festive and welcoming for the family.

With regards to using Christmas décor in a classy way, one of our main recommendations is to select a specific accent and ensure that this is present across most if not all of your décor – whether it be a specific motif or theme, a particular colour scheme, or a character that you embrace the use of and include across the home.

Once you’ve chosen your specific style, you get to the fun bit – choosing the right décor for use across your home. Some of the most popular decorative ideas that we have seen in recent years include an overhaul of a child’s bedroom into something whimsical and fun, the transformation of your living room into a Christmas grotto, and even the widening of Christmas décor across your outdoor spaces to encompass and create a seamless transition from inside to outside. All of these ideas and more can include both shop brought and homemade decorations, with some of the best Christmas decorations found in homeware and gift stores as well as department stores and specialist Christmas retailers.

If you are unsure about the best Christmas accents to compliment your home – whether you are looking to add life and colour to a large modern home, or hoping to tone down the bright vibrancy of Christmas with something a little more elegant and classy – some of the best inspiration can be picked up from home style and Christmas magazines – available year round online and seasonally in stores.

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