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Christmas Candle Holders

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Christmas Candle Holders

One thing that we often associate with Christmas and which can sometimes become lost behind the grandeur and vibrance of festive colours and flashing fairy lights, is the flicker of a single candle. Whether it be a standalone pillar candle decorated as a centrepiece, a tea light candle slotted into a small Santa-shaped candle holder, or a large candle dish sat inside a silver ornamental candle holder in the centre of a table, the use of candle light at Christmas serves as both an atmospheric illusion and a source of romantic light.

Things to consider when buying Christmas candle holders

The main thing to consider when buying any kind of Christmas candle or candle holder is the hazard associated with an open flame – particularly around large families and children. Ensure that you have a stable and tall surface on which to place any candle holder and keep open flames to a minimum where possible when children are around.

If you want to enjoy a Christmas candle holder but are concerned about the use of an open flame, consider modern faux tea lights and candle sticks which now are crafted to promote and use a very realistic looking plastic flame – with some of the most high quality products even flickering just as a real flame would.

Whimsical Christmas candle holders

These are the candle holders which really use colour and characterisation as the primary means of decoration – altering the way the light exudes around the room by using colour as part of the structure which sits around the source of light. Some of the most popular and commonly found examples in modern retailers take Christmas accent colours like reds and golds, and create glass ornamental frames as part of the candle holder – changing the way the flame is viewed from different angles by letting it shine through a glass covering which changes the colour of the atmosphere and the room.
If you are really keen on adding a little fun to your space, then consider the value of tea light candles which simply sit inside or atop a fun ornamental structure – for example the body of a reindeer, a Christmas present, or Santa’s sleigh. These kinds of candle holders look great on a table as part of a centre piece, or along a shelf which is otherwise quite bare and blank.

Elegant Christmas candle holders

If you are looking to bring elegant candle light into your home at Christmas, our top recommendation is to keep the main structure of the candle itself on show – allowing the users to enjoy the natural look of the candle as a standalone structure, sat within or atop a classy holder which uses the Christmas accent colours which are a little more subtle in their finish. These include silvers, golds, and paler versions of some of our most festive shades.

Another elegant style of Christmas candle holder is a large dish with an ornate surrounding, into which you can place a series of tea lights which add to the overall effect through the various flickering flames. Some of the best large candle holders we have seen are designed as coffee table and dining table centrepieces, and boast large open tops which ensure the light from the candles can fill the surrounding space while from the outside they appear to be fragile and intricate in their decorative style.

Christmas candle holders tend to be available from Autumn right through to Christmas, with most homeware and department store retailers offering their own range of Christmas candle holders suitable for all kinds of home.

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