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Christmas Candles

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Christmas Candles

The beauty of Christmas candles is that not only do they release the most festive and warming smells into your home, but many of them look like they’ve come straight from the cover of a beautiful home magazine – adding to your festive decoration scheme and encouraging all the coveted comment and questions that we know our members love – “where did you get that candle? It looks / smells divine!” Christmas is a time when we surround ourselves with home comforts, and none more so than the smells of warm spices, cinnamon and baking. Many of the Christmas candles available on the market embody these scents with varying degrees of strength and intensity, and with a few additional scents of their own.

Where can I find the best Christmas candles?

From candle retailers to homeware stores and gift shops, candles are everywhere – particularly at Christmastime. For the widest selection, the best option is to go for a specific candle retailer, who will most likely offer the widest range of scents – including the popular, the intriguing, and the downright bizarre. One thing to note when visiting candle retailers is that, with candles being their main focus, the scents can be quite intense and deeply flavoured, and the design of these candles tends to be quite vibrant and “same-y”. As well as the traditional warm and spicy scents of Christmas, some other popular scents we found in candle retailers include the smell of a fresh pine tree, crisp cold evening smells, and mulled wine – an old favourite. If you’re more concerned about the appearance of your Christmas candle than its scent, homeware and giftshop retailers tend to provide a wider selection of designs and looks, from the rustic wooden candle holders through to sleek pillar candles in neutral shades and tones. Christmas is of course a time for glitter and sparkle and so you will find that many of the more festive scents are surrounded with glitter and other decorative accessories, but if simply is what you’re after then these are more than easy to find in large enough retailers. The other option to consider, particularly if you aren’t fussed about the scent, is to invest in a Christmas candle holder which matches your decorative scheme – and simply add your own tealights or small pillar candles. These tea lights and small candles are typically cheap to buy, and with the holder being reusable, this proves a solid decorative investment for any home.

Making my own Christmas candle

For those members who can’t find what they’re looking for on the retail market, the other option is to make your own – an ideal activity for both crafty individuals and families with children. These homemade candles make a great gift for loved ones, and allow you to combine your favourite festive scents with different colours, colouring both the wax and decorating the holder or outside of the candle. When making your own candles, the best thing to do is to invest in a proper kit which provides you with the wax, the safest scents and colourings, and the instructions on how best to create your candle. Particularly popular with crafty and small business retailers, homemade candles can be big business and are becoming increasingly popular with design trends expanding and shifting all the time. Wen in doubt, make it yourself!

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