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Christmas Cushions

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Christmas Cushions

When the festive season is upon us, we love to see and hear how our members bring Christmas into their homes – whether it be magnificent decorations and fully garnished Christmas trees, outdoor lights and gifts tumbling all over the living room floor, or more subtle touches such as Christmas crockery, cushions and even bedding. One of the great things about Christmas furnishings and decorations are the range available in terms of stylistic finish. That is, you can often find everything from the most subtle and classy patterning, to the completely whimsical and unique, across retailers from homeware designers to high street stores, independent crafters and gift boutiques.

Christmas Cushions for an elegant finish

Many of our members come to us asking how they can bring a festive spirit into their homes without completely leaving behind their design aesthetic and focus on elegance. To them, we often say that Christmas is not the garish patterns and whimsical characters, but also the colours you use and the patterns which adorn your furnishings. Snowflakes are a popular choice for more subtle homes, and we have also seen a huge range of instances in modern retailers where they are using characters in a far more classy way – for example adding reindeer to their cushions and decorative accessories in more of a realistic design rather than the cartoon version that children love. Likewise, snowmen and other festive figures have recently seen a more adult overhaul across a wide range of high street retailers as the stores seek to reach out to all sort of home buyers and provide as much choice for the modern minimalist home as for the brightly coloured and vibrant family home.

Christmas Cushions for all the family

If you are a young family, chances are your home at Christmas time is full of juxtaposing colours and patterns, plenty of cartoonised characters and lots of evidence of gifts and festive joy. For these homes, we suggest looking at cushions which are not only colourful in their design but which are also playful in their form – with many high street retailers evolving to stock cushions which are designed in the shape of reindeer, snowmen and Christmas elves. Another fun idea for family homes is cushions adorned with popular Christmas phrases and song lyrics, and ones which are personalised to include the names of family members and even pets. All of these fun designs and many more examples are available across high street and decorative retailers, including children’s stores, department stores and specialist Christmas stores – mostly open seasonally, though there are a handful across the country which are open all year round.

Specialist Christmas Cushions

As well as standard cushions to add to your sofa, armchairs or bedding, there are also a selection of Christmas cushions on the market which are created for their own unique use. These include everything from cushions for your pets’ bed, to outdoor patio cushions, chair padding cushions, and neck cushions. Most of these can also be found in specialist retailers, as well as high street department stores and independent crafters – depending on how specialist your requirements are. Another way to achieve the perfect Christmas cushion is to make it yourself – with chunky knit being one of the most popular styles which is festive but also distinctly wintery, and able to be used throughout most of the year rather than simply at Christmas. These kinds of cushions, or those made from a patchwork of favoured designs, can created unique and personal cushions which you will cherish year after year – a great way to get crafty at Christmas.

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