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Christmas Decoration Storage

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Christmas Decoration Storage

When the lustre of the Christmas lights has gone, and the tree is left looking bare once all the presents have been opened and removed, it’s probably time to put it all away for another year. And with most homeowners and members stashing their Christmas decorations away in the loft or attic, where they gather dust and hide out of sight until the next year rolls around, it is likely that Christmas decoration storage is not something that you have ever put much thought into.

With that being said, we’re here to showcase the benefits of dedicated storage, and how it can not only make the whole decorating experience more magical, but can also ensure that your decorations are stored safely and in a dust-free environment.

The benefits of designated Christmas decoration storage

First and foremost, Christmas decoration storage which is fit for purpose allows you to know exactly what it is when you go to look for it – saving time and effort opening up lots of different boxes until you find what you need.

The beauty of specialise decoration storage is that you can invest in all manner of different shapes and sizes, from individual bauble boxes with small compartment for each bauble, to a cushioned box for the star or angel who lives atop your Christmas tree, to large plain boxes perfect for all the tinsel and extra accessories.

Storing lights and making sure they don’t get tangled up is one of the biggest challenges associated with Christmas decorations, but with specific storage you can wrap your lights up and keep them contained where they won’t become tangled or damaged over time. One great DIY example we have seen is to engage the use of an old rod or wooden pole – wrapping your lights around it, then storing them upright alongside the rest of your decorations. If you are concerned about dust, wrap the light-adorned pole in a layer of tissue paper or simply place it into a box for protection.

And finally, special storage simply makes the whole experience more magical and enjoyable for the whole family. Gone are the days of old dusty boxes which you delve into to discover what’s inside – now you can present the family with whimsical and playful boxes with festive images and unique plaques, reading everything from “Santa’s lights” to “Rudolph’s tinsel” – to make them feel like every part of the festive period is as magical as the next bit.

Keeping your Christmas decoration storage well organised

Of course, investing in good quality storage is only one part of the solution – keeping it well organised is another thing entirely. One of our top tips for homeowners is to label every box with exactly what it contains, making sure to leave the labels on show and then stack the boxes in an order which makes sense and matches your home decorating style. If you like to start with tinsel and do baubles last, put the tinsel in the most easy-to-reach location and put the baubles near the back.

TOP TIP: Consider saving the wrapping paper one year and putting it to good use – wrapping your most precious baubles up in used paper or tissue paper to give them extra protection. We know many members buy baubles as cherished memories or like to keep decorations crafted by their children at school, so keeping these items safe is important.

For the best in Christmas decoration storage, head to homeware and independent retailers who tend to delight buyers with whimsical ideas and solutions to visual problems they didn’t know they had. Some of our favourite options can be found in gift stores and the festive section of department stores.

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