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Christmas Door Mats

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Christmas Door Mats

If you ask any homeowner with a door mat why they have one, you will likely get one of two answers – if not both. The first reason for owning a door mat is to provide a warm welcome and to provide a small hint as to the kind of home which lies beyond the door. The second reason for owning a door mat is purely functional, to allow for an extra space where visitor and homeowners can remove wet coats and muddy shoes before traipsing mess through the house. The concept of a Christmas door mat then, is to provide a little of both – protecting the home while providing the same warm and festive welcome you would expect from the interior.

Why are door mats so important?

You may have noticed a large increase in the quantity and range of door mats available on the current modern market and found yourself wondering why this is. Quite apart from more and more homeowners seeking protection for their interiors, there is also now a growing trend in homeowners using door mats as a means of creating a seamless transition from inside to outside – with door mats adorning not just the front door but also any back doors and patio doors which lead into the garden. In essence, door mats can provide a really nice introduction to the style of decorating that the home is filled with, particularly when it comes to Christmas when the level of festivity in any given home can range from 1 right the way through to 100 – depending on the taste of the homeowners.

What are some of the best designs of Christmas door mat?

A door mat is traditionally made up of a hard bristled surface, most often with a brown background and some kind of phrase of colourful design painted into the bristles. While the market has expanded to include softer indoor mats for the inside of the door, and now feature grippy bases to ensure the mat is not able to slip out from under the users feet, the design of an outdoor mat is typically the same – retaining its sturdy design to ensure the surface is weather proof and able to wipe boots and shoes clean even at the end of a long and muddy walk. In terms of Christmas door mats, this is where all rules go out the window – with festive puns, brightly coloured characters and designs, and various patterns adorning the top surface of the mat in order to create a Christmas welcome which immediately lets a visitor know that they are entering a festive filled home. Some of our favourite designs feature Santa motifs, reindeer, elves, jingle bell jokes, prosecco and other festive drinks, and baubles galore. Another great idea for a Christmas door mat is one coated with a glitter paint, to add a little extra sparkle to your front door. We do recommend ensuring that if you opt for a vibrant and colourful doormat, the aesthetic is in line with your festive wreath and that one does not outshine the other – rather that they work in harmony to create a seamless and stylish finish. This becomes especially important if you have a very colourful or bright front door – such as a deep red or a forest green. The best Christmas door mats can be found in both indoor homeware and outdoor garden stores around Christmas time, as well as online through specialist retailers and sellers.

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