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Christmas Figurines & Collectibles

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Christmas Figurines & Collectibles

When you enter any home around Christmas time, you will likely find yourself confronted with an array of ornaments, decorations and figurines – each boasting its own life story whether it be handmade by children in school, handpicked from a bespoke artisan crafter, or purchased as part of a mass decorating selection from a high street retailer.

The very concept of Christmas figurines are designed to add a touch of personality and unique intricacy to our decorating, with some of the most popular and commonly found figurines for Christmas including the nativity scene figures, collectable baubles, and children’s ornaments which are more durable, more whimsical, and often more colourful. Another great example of a commonly found Christmas collectable is a snow globe – most often gifted when we are children and held onto and treasured well into adulthood.

The value of Christmas figurines and collectables in the modern home

For many reading this, you may be wondering what real impact these much smaller and more intricate decorations can have in the home when it is filled with colour and life from the tinsel, garlands and other lit up decorations which adorn the house. The answer is simple – it is these more delicate figurines and collectable items which are often more unique to that family, and which are valued far above a monetary amount.

Some of the most popular figurines are those handmade by children at school, with many families owning at least one angel or baby Jesus who was made from clay and painted as part of a school project. Displaying these specially made items really celebrates the true meaning of Christmas and ensures that the full decorative impact of the home is a collection of both the stylish and elegant decorations, and those which are more personal.

Our favourite figurines

Whether you display a nativity scene every year, or opt for the more whimsical figurines which show father Christmas in his sleigh being pulled along by reindeer, Christmas figurines are a great way to adorn plain surfaces with festivities – using the power of smaller items filled with detail to draw the eye and create additional levels of visual interest in the room.

Some of the most popular figurines come as part of sets, while others are standalone and can be used as single pieces or displayed as part of a group. We recommend keeping figurines on display in plain areas of the room, where there is little else to detract from their appearance – else you run the risk of the space looking cluttered and over the top.

Our favourite collectables

These could be figurines, or they could be baubles which you hang on the tree every year and add to with new pieces picked up and added to the collection. One great way of creating a collection of unique baubles is to select one every year from the same high end retailer, or else to purchase a bauble from every country or city you visit. This will quickly and effectively turn your Christmas decorating from something standard into something filled with memory which actually means something to your family. Other popular collectables include snow globes as previously explored, paintings and decorative features, and sometimes even advent calendars which are crafted from durable materials and which are used year on year to create and build up that excitement.

Finding the perfect Christmas figurines and collectables may be something you are just looking to start, and it may be something you have been doing every year for much of your life. Either way, we recommend department stores, high end decorative retailers and gift stores.

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