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Christmas Garlands

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Christmas Garlands

Whether you keep your interior Christmas natural and real or opt for the ease and cleanliness of fake pieces, Christmas garlands are a great way to add depth and charm to any surface or space in a room without much effort. Typically crafted to include floral elements and rich green leaves, dressed with painted and sprayed berry buds and fairy lights, Christmas garlands can be strung across mantelpieces, up stairways and along door frames in order to add a little vibrance and life to the home without the need for excessive colour. So, how do you use Christmas garlands to achieve different finishes and effects?

Christmas garlands in a modern home

A Christmas garland for a modern home is likely to be one which utilises neutral shades and natural tones, with many modern homeowners opting for fake garlands purely for the ease and practicality of being able to hang them and leave them until it’s time to take them down. Some of our favourite modern garlands are the simplest available, featuring different segments of plant life which vary in size and texture in order to elevate the aesthetic and ensure that the garland looks alive rather than static and lifeless. Once the foundational structure is set, many modern garlands then add sprigs of holly and red berries for a little colour and uplift, interspersed with fairy lights which serve to give your garland a practical use as well as a decorative finish. In terms of location, we recommend dressing your modern and minimalist home with garlands in all the main living spaces, relying on the natural colours from the garland to add a festive life to the home without the need for characters and bright whimsical colours. A modern home is one built around the subtle and the multi tonal elements, and that’s exactly what the most natural garlands seek to achieve.

Christmas garlands suitable for children

If you are decorating a family home or letting the children help you decorate, you will likely find yourself pushed to use a great deal of colour and patterning to achieve the most vibrant and over the top finish possible. These are the garlands generally crafted from tinsel materials, with lots of different colours worked through the garland in the form of lights, flowers and sparkling add-ons which catch the light and throw different shades out into the surrounding room. One important thing to note when it comes to children’s garlands in particular is placement and the use of any small parts, with our recommendation being to keep garlands out of the reach of young children to avoid potential harm or hazard from small parts or getting tangled up.

Keeping it classy with garlands

The main thing to look for in your Christmas garland, is one stand out colour which you can link and match with the rest of the decoration in your home. Creating a seamless transition from room to room is key, particularly around Christmas when it is so easy to overfill the home with different colours and finishes – however, by picking one statement colour and ensuring that it is present across all your decorative accessories and add-ons, you will be able to keep a level of harmonious styling present across the entire home. The best Christmas garlands and where to find them depend on whether you are looking for something natural and real, or something fake. Head to garden centres for the real deal, while department stores and high end decorating retailers have a premium on fake garlands.

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