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Christmas Table Linens

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Christmas Table Linens

When it comes to dressing your home with seasonal and stylish soft furnishings, one of the first things to consider is colour and texture, and the way that these different features will blend in with and stand out from the overall aesthetic of your home. Christmas in particular is a time where individuals and homeowners throw colour and vibrant patterns at their home, enriching the appearance of different rooms with decorative cushions, throws, candles and table linens.

Table linen as a concept serves two main functions; one built around the practicality of the table linen in protecting the surface of your table, and one which centres around decoration and the way that the table covering elevates the overall appearance of the room. At Christmas time in particular, as many of our members will know, we find our homes full to bursting with add-ons and special festive accessories – so why not stretch this to include a special festive table covering?

Choosing the best Christmas table linen

One of the best thing about Christmas table linen sets is that they not only include a tablecloth, but also matching or complimentary napkins to pull the overall look together. If you already have a tablecloth picked out, or have a selection of napkins you wish to use, one of our top tips is to take some of the colours or patterning present in your existing pieces and match them to festive sets which will blend nicely.

Another thing you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best Christmas linen, is the material of your linen and how practical it will really be throughout the family-filled festive period. Many of our members and buyers opt for fabric table clothes and napkins to create a finish of elegance and glamour, though it is worth noting that any stains will need to be washed out quickly as your linen is durable and not designed to be thrown away.

And then we come to the decorative aspect of the table linen and how it fits with your overall Christmas theme. Upon surveying the options available across most homeware and decorative retailers, it is clear that Christmas table linen manufacturers tend to offer options which sit in two different camps – the linen which is super vibrant and covered with fun patterns, and the linen which is far more subtle with smaller and more intricate hints at the festivities while boasting a largely neutral backdrop.

For a modern home, we recommend you keep your Christmas table linen classy both in terms of texture and decorative style, with some homeowners preferring plain coloured napkins and table fabrics which use textured fabrics to add extra value, while others like to add a small border or minimal decorative aspect to the otherwise neutral and plain backdrop.

If you are looking to breathe life into your Christmas dining room and want to use your table linen for extra colour, consider the more vibrant styles which use characters and festive motifs printed and stuck upon the fabric. Some of our favourite options perfect for the family include a tablecloth showing a festive scene, with the napkins each showing a different character, and a table cloth which combines all the colours of the different napkins – giving each guest or diner their own individual place setting and colour. Another popular way of using Christmas table linen is to throw an extravagant pattern onto the entire tablecloth, replicating small elements and parts of that within each napkin.

For the best selection of Christmas table linen available, head to department stores and festive outlets.

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