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Christmas Tree Skirts

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Christmas Tree Skirts

Christmas Tree Skirts are best categorised as a finishing touch; pulling together your decorative theme by taking the bottom of your tree from unfinished to fabulous. Not only do Christmas tree skirts ensure a clean finish, but they also protect the bottom of the tree and its pot, protect your presents from any excess branches, and cover up any unsightly pots or trunks. And for those of our members concerned that Christmas tree skirts look tacky and cheap – worry not. In recent years the sales of Christmas tree skirts have grown to surpass even Christmas tree toppers, meaning that they are popular and still on the rise – and the choice available is huge.

Why purchase a tree skirt rather than a new pot?

Tree pots are designed to hold your Christmas tree up tall and proud, providing enough stability that you can leave it unattended throughout the Christmas period without the risk of accidents or injuries. Though today you can buy a variety of different pots in different colours and styles, buyers often find that they stand out and can create quite an unsightly base for your tree – showcasing the trunk and sometimes even leaving marks in the carpet. Though some of our members may be used to buying a new pot every year to tie in with their decorative theme, investing in a tree skirt is a sure fire way to protect your tree and provide a clean finish. One of the primary questions we get asked by our members is how to safeguard their Christmas tree from curious pets – namely cats who like to climb the trees and play with the baubles. Whether you opt for a real or an artificial tree, a tree skirt is one way to remove access to the bottom of the trunk, and will often discourage pets from attempting the climb – though this is dependent on the material of your tree skirt.

The top Christmas tree skirt designs – unveiled

One of the best tree skirts available on the market right now is created from woven wicker – available in a number of colours and finishes, from the rustic natural look through to a painted and glitter-covered surface design. When it comes to selecting the best finish, you will first want to determine the position of your tree, then assess how pinnacle the bottom of it will be in relation to the rest of your room and your decoration;. After all, as Christmas approaches the skirt can ultimately become covered by gifts and presents, so do remember that for a large percentage of its time, the tree skirt may not even be visible. Other popular designs on the market right now involve the traditional red velvet with a white trim, knitted skirts which ooze comfort and warmth, and more industrial looking metal tree skirts which are perfect for minimalist homes or those who want to minimise the time it takes to clean and wipe down the skirt. The final design that has seen a notable increase in sales is that which encompasses LED lights into its base, providing a source of festive light before you even reach the main body of the tree. Of course you will know that fairy lights are synonymous with Christmas, so why not sprinkle their delicate light wherever you can?

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