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Christmas Tree Stands & Accessories

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Christmas Tree Stands & Accessories

For many homeowners, the idea of bringing a Christmas tree into the home sparks both excitement and panic – with many spending weeks searching for the perfect tree which will fill the space but not dominate an entire room, and which will look authentic but will not drop needles everywhere. Of course, for many buyers the solution is simple – to opt for a fake tree, which comes equipped with its own stand and a box to store it in every year until it’s time for the tree to come out again. But for those who want a real tree, choosing the right tree is a matter of size, diameter, location, and of course, the right tree stand to hold it all together.

What is a Christmas tree stand?

A Christmas tree stand is essentially a floor mounted structure which is designed to encase and hold your Christmas tree upright, providing it with stability and access to water – depending on the type of tree stand that you get.

Most of the popular designs we see are made from metal or wood, with many homeowners selecting stands which match their overall Christmas decoration, and which blend into the room. The stability of the stand is achieved through the use of pins which hold the tree trunk in place, and the feet of the stand which sit wide on the ground to spread the weight and balance of the tree over a large surface area. The structure itself generally utilises quite a deep pot where the tree trunk rests, with higher stands providing slightly more guaranteed stability. If you are looking for something with a slightly more natural finish however, there are also tree stands which drill into the underside of the tree trunk and provide a minimal finish where it appears as though the tree is simply stood atop four feet on the ground.

What are Christmas tree stand accessories?

When we talk about Christmas tree stand accessories, we are largely referring to the overcoats and layers which homeowner can add to the stand in order to alter its overall finish and create an aesthetic which is more in line with the style they are looking for.

Some popular modern examples include wicker casings and velvet overcoats, both of which sit in very separate decorative styling concepts, but which perform the same job of elevating the overall appearance of the base of the tree. To make sure the accessory is fitted correctly, these stand covers tend to be adjustable so that you can ensure the top of the cover hugs the tree trunk for a seamless finish.

What to look for in the perfect Christmas tree stand

The perfect Christmas tree stand is one which holds your tree securely and tightly, but which also adds to the aesthetic value and finish of your tree and overall decorative scheme. If you have a particular colour theme overriding most of your Christmas decorations, try and ensure that the tree stand matches this – and if not, look for an overlay which does match.

Another thing you need to consider is the size of the tree stand – too large for your tree and the tree will not be securely fastened into place; too small, and the structure may not be stable enough to hold the tree and to stop it from toppling over.

And finally, the material of the tree stand – with metal being our primary suggestion due to its stability and strength. For the best Christmas tree stands, head to garden centre retailers and department stores.

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