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Christmas Trees

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Christmas Trees

As Christmas approaches and the festive season drops onto most retailers and social outlets, one of the biggest questions is this: real or fake? This does of course refer to Christmas trees, with the age old debate floating around and querying which is actually more cost effective, which is better for the environment, and which simply looks better. Christmas trees are big business, with entire woods of fir trees chopped down every year to be decorated and turned into a temporary homeware accessory. The real trees typically last for a month or so stood in a pot of water, with the climate inside a home tending to slowly kill them until they are thrown onto the bonfire for the next big burn up. Meanwhile, artificial trees withstand the test of time, and come in multiple colour and decorative varieties – even now including versions with built-in fairy lights, glittery branches and scented pines. So which is the better option, and where can you find the best of both worlds?

The history of the Christmas tree

The symbolic use of evergreens dates back all the way to Ancient Egypt, with later-dated candlelit trees delivered to the USA from Germany in the 1800’s most closely resembling the trees we have today. Since the 1830’s, Christmas trees have become a showstopping display – a tradition which has culminated in the annual lighting of large trees such as the Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree in New York, and other community trees across the world. In the early days, it was noted that while Europeans preferred to keep and dress smaller trees, American’s always selected trees which reached from floor to ceiling, in a gesture of grandeur and celebration.

Real vs. Artificial

When looking for a real Christmas tree, the best retail options tend to be outdoor retailers and garden centres, offering more than just a tree – with the selection process, packaging and carrying all part of the experience. Choosing a Christmas tree is a novelty synonymous with happy childhoods and many-a festive movie, though in reality the selection of the largest tree in the store can often result in a hefty bill. Artificial trees tend to cost a lot less, and you will certainly get more for your money – with most of our retailers offering trees sturdy enough to last a number of years when looked after and stored correctly. Top Tip: Whether you are buying a real or an artificial tree, remember that what looks big in the store is sure to look huge in your home. It is very easy for size and scale to become distorted when you’re surrounded by various different trees, so be careful not to be swayed by those saying the chosen tree is “too small” – you will likely find, in the reality of your living room, it is actually much bigger.

Dressing a Christmas tree – how many decorations do I need?

Wherever you choose to purchase your tree, you will need to decorate it when you get home. And from a well-fitting pot, to a tree skirt, tree topper and baubles, the quantity of decorations required varies dependent on size and the overall finish you are looking to achieve. For most average height trees, sitting at around 6 foot tall, a decent coverage can be achieved using fairy lights and a selection of bulk-bought ornaments and more personal handmade decorations. For those members who have multiple Christmas trees in their home, consider giving each one its own individual decorative scheme, for example varying colours or stylistic finishes.

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