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Christmas Wall Art

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Christmas Wall Art

From winter landscapes to nativity scenes, festive greetings and jolly Christmas characters, the selection of Christmas wall art available across gifting and decorative retailers is wide ranging and suitable for all buyers and all homes.

Where might you use Christmas wall art?

One of the most common questions we get asked by homeowners, particularly around the festive period, is how to ensure that their Christmas decorating appears to blend seamlessly into the home, rather than standing out as very obvious temporary additions. While some homes like to integrate the festivities into every area of their home, decorations can sometimes appear very static when they are simply placed atop an existing surface or draped over an item of furniture; particularly in modern homes which are otherwise very neutral in finish.

This is where Christmas wall art comes in.

Designed to add vibrance to the very walls and surfaces of the home, wall art in any respect is designed to blend in and create a seamless finish which matches and compliments the home. Thus, Christmas wall art provides the perfect means of adding festive joy and spirit which draws the eye without standing apart from the rest of your home décor.

Christmas wall art for a modern home

Finding the perfect wall art for a modern home is difficult no matter what the occasion, with the neutral colour inflections of a modern home designed to use texture as an eye catching feature rather than vibrant and bold colours. Where some homes use wall art to add a pop of colour, we tend to find that around Christmas modern homes tend to select the more subtle shades of festive decoration – leaning towards silvers and golds, and glitter rather than bright reds and characterisation. Therefore, it seems clear that the ideal Christmas wall art for a modern home is one which utilises the natural beauty of a winter landscape rather than the use of festive characters. Another popular modern wall art style is calligraphy and words rather than images, particularly around Christmas when so many phrases and words become commonplace.

Christmas wall art for a child’s room

If you are looking to bring Christmas into a family home, particularly in a child’s room, you will likely find yourself drawn towards obvious uses of colour and characterisation. Images of Santa, the workshop of elves, reindeer and the nativity scene are all obvious Christmas wall art examples, particularly popular with children who look to dress and furnish their rooms in visuals that they can recognise and interact with. Another great example of Christmas wall art, particularly for young children, involves the use of patterning and colour as a way of engaging and stimulating the child’s visual capacity.

Framing and hanging a piece of Christmas wall art

If you are looking to furnish your home with a piece of wall art for the festive period, the first thing you need to consider is location and where the piece will be best placed. We often find that wall art, particularly that which is designed as part of festive decoration, is best placed in a central living space on a large wall with little else in the way of colour or eye catching detail. Hallways are also popular, as are entrance ways and stairways – as well as children’s rooms. The best Christmas wall art can often take time to find, with many options and variations available across homeware retailers, art stores and decorative stores. You can also turn your hand to creating your own Christmas wall art, perfect as a family activity.

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