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Christmas Wreaths

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Christmas Wreaths

The market for Christmas wreaths is large and constantly expanding, encompassing new trends from natural wreaths of greenery, to hand knitted wreaths, wooden rings and even wreaths formed from tinsel. For our members, we suggest using your Christmas wreath as an opportunity to think outside the box, with many retailers offering the standard wreaths of holly and berries alongside some more unique options. Christmas wreaths are traditionally hung on the outside of the front door, and as such can provide a talking point – or an introduction to your decorating style – before a guest has even stepped in the house. We know that many of our members and other buyers will be looking for a wreath which slots in with their overall decorating style, and creates a sense of unity between the inside and the outside of the home. To them, we recommend expanding your search outside of the usual homeware retailers and also exploring garden centres, craft sites and small businesses.

Finding a unique wreath

When it comes to sourcing a unique wreath, first look at your front door and consider which size you are looking for, how much you want it to stand out, and which colours would best match – or juxtapose – your door surface. You want your wreath to be big enough that it makes a statement, but not so big that it covers up your keyhole or door knocker, so take measurements and make sure you don’t buy something too large. Then do some research online to find which retailers make what you want. Of course garden centres and outdoor retailers boast the finest selection of natural plant-made wreaths, but homeware retailers are also up there with wreaths which look real but may actually be wholly artificial – often with hidden fairy lights in the leaves, glitter covered petals, or even whimsical and novelty characters poking out from the centre. Much like with the Christmas tree market, while real wreaths may seem like a nice choice, artificial wreaths can often look just as good but will last much longer and be easier to care for.

What to do if you can’t find the wreath you want

If what you are looking for isn’t available to buy, why not make your own? Some of the most original wreaths are completely homemade and can ensure a warm welcome on your doorstep to anyone visiting over the Christmas period. If you don’t yet feel confident in making something from scratch, investing in a wreath-making kit for your first attempt provides a good first step into the creative process, and promises a clean finish for even the most amateur crafters. Some of the best options available on the market at the moment include pom-pom wreaths, those made using bent natural twigs and flowers, and even crocheted or knitted wreaths,

Making Christmas wreaths to sell

The market may be saturated, but there is always room for new ideas and innovative products – and even if you don’t decide to sell to the mass market, creating a few handcrafted wreaths for your friends and family can make a really nice gift idea, or could result in a little profit. If you do decide to sell your creations, give each one its own unique twist – whether it’s varying ribbon finishes to hand the wreath from, different flowers or entirely unique designs – and then take them to local markets and Christmas fairs. A captive audience is one willing to spend!

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