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Corner Wardrobes

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Corner Wardrobes

Often when it comes to furnishing a bedroom, spare room or even a dressing room, our members and other buyers find that the wardrobe is in fact the item which takes up the most space. Often bulky and taking up a great deal of both width and depth in the room, finding somewhere to place a wardrobe where the doors can be opened without obstacle is actually quite challenging – for instance, placing a standard wardrobe into a corner may help with the layout of the room, but it will make at least one door of the wardrobe difficult to open.

The fairly modern design of corner wardrobes not only solves this particular issue, but also creates an aesthetically pleasing design which slots perfectly into the corner and creates more of a statement. That, and the space inside is maximised to allow you to store even more clothes, even more shoes, and even more possessions.

The benefits of a corner wardrobe

You will often find that while standard wardrobes can be purchased in most furniture and homeware retailers, corner wardrobes are far more likely to be offered as part of a bespoke design – either to be installed alongside other items in a renovation project, or else purchased separately and tailormade to fit a particular space.

While this may sound like a pricy way of providing wardrobe space, what it means is that the use of space can be fully optimised to suit your lifestyle and your home – replicating the shape of the walls and the ceilings, and making full use of the height of the room, for example following sloped ceilings and curves in the walls.

Some of the top benefits of corner wardrobes include:

  • Bigger inside space, as the depth of the corner itself provides the perfect space to store a large range of hung up clothes and piles of shoe boxes. You can also install shelves above the rails and to both side, giving you space to store folded t-shirts and other clothes.

  • You can customise corner wardrobes to suit your space, with some of the most popular options including mirrored exterior doors to allow your wardrobe to double as a standing mirror, and configuring the inside to hang rails at different heights for your different clothing options.

  • They fit well into the corner of a room without taking up unnecessary space.

Things to consider when fitting a corner wardrobe

The primary thing to consider when buying and installing a corner wardrobe, is the size and how much space it is going to take up. Remember that you need to leave enough room around the wardrobe to open the doors and stand there without hitting other items of furniture – though one way to combat this particular challenge is to install sliding doors rather than traditional ones which open outwards.

Another thing to consider is the material of the wardrobe and how well it suits the overall feel of your room. In a smaller room, we recommend sticking for white surfaces or pale woods, as darker furniture tends to overpower a room and make it seem a lot darker – particularly when the furniture is standing in the corners of the room.

For the best selection of corner wardrobes on the market, the best retailers to head to are furniture providers – as they can point you in the direction of the best style and fit for your home, and help you make the best use of the space you have available.

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