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Corner Wardrobes

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Corner Wardrobes

Bedroom storage can be a difficult detail to manage – with homeowners across the UK naming the wardrobe as their most inconvenient furnishing to select and install owing to its size and importance.

Until now.

Corner wardrobes offer a bespoke solution which not only maximise the use of available space, but which grant you more internal storage room without cutting off the corner of your bedroom. Selected as a stylish alternative to a bulky wardrobe, L-shaped corner wardrobe structures are designed to slot neatly into the corner of your bedroom, becoming part of the layout and design of the room as a whole.
Corner wardrobes aren’t just a fad, they’re here to stay – and here’s why we love them.

Why We Love Corner Wardrobes

  • Corner wardrobes deliver a bespoke aesthetic which makes your bedroom look more polished and more put together.

  • Even cheap corner wardrobes give the impression of being made specifically for the space that they occupy, elevating the style of your home and making full use of every nook and cranny.

  • Bigger inside space, as the depth of the corner itself provides the perfect space to store a large range of hung up clothes and piles of shoe boxes. You can also install shelves above the rails and to both sides, giving you space to store folded t-shirts and other clothes.

  • Enhance your corner wardrobe with customisable extras. Corner wardrobes with mirrors, matching drawer sets, and other furnishings are all in style and can be found on our website.

  • Increase accessibility by making the doors of your wardrobe easier to open.

Corner Wardrobe FAQs

How do you install a corner wardrobe?

To benefit from the bespoke aesthetics of corner wardrobe design, make sure to select a finish which compliments the vibe of your bedroom. Most of our corner wardrobes come ready for assembly, with simple user instructions helping homeowners to fit their own wardrobe and bring their bedroom space to life.

How should you measure a corner wardrobe?

Remember when installing a corner wardrobe that you need to leave enough room to open the doors and to stand in front of it without hitting other items of furniture. Consider sliding doors in a more compact bedroom, or else leave sufficient space around the outside of your corner wardrobe for movement.

Make sure that you measure the depth of the room as well as the wall length, and plot exactly how far into the room your wardrobe will sit.

Is my room big enough for a corner wardrobe?

This is where interior design is key, selecting the right material and colour palette to maximise the presentation of your room. In a smaller bedroom, remember that any large item of furniture can easily draw attention so keep your L-shaped corner wardrobe light in colour. Similarly, placing any large item of furniture in the corner can quickly shroud that area of the room in darkness, so consider light placement, perhaps illuminating your wardrobe with internal fitted lights.

For the best selection of corner wardrobes on the market, the best retailers to head to are furniture providers – as they can point you in the direction of the best style and fit for your home, and help you make the best use of the space you have available.

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